Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monterrey Trip With Grandpa Willy and Gma Kathy!

        My mom came in town when my Dad had a speaking engagement in Monterey and took us on one of the most  fun road trips I have ever had. Seriously, and i really don't like road trips ( i get car sick). My mom was so fun to drive down with  and my kids were so good, i think it had to do with all the Balance Doterra oil she kept rubbing on us... Moms are cool like that. We did so many fun things. Here is Carmel beach! So flippin beautiful!

 The kids wanted to be buried up to their necks! And then they wanted to stay there till mommy got nervous and said they had to come out! haha
We got to stop at a little outdoor market on our way and i got to do a little photoshoot for story. Well i wanted to do it for both the kiddos but you know how it goes, everyone is cold and no one wants to smile haha. 
 I love this one of Story on Daddy's back. She is such a daddy's girl! She cries now when he leaves for work. It has been special because this year boston has had afternoon preschool so story did alot of lunch dates with jason and I.

 Heres that cool market with Gma and Boston. Gma fount these melons and then Gpa found Gmas melons haha!
We also got to go check out Santa cruz! It was amazing, even though it was may the sand was hot the ocean was warm and the weather was perfect! I had to buy some shorts which was hard to find in my large and awkward pregnant state but so nice to be at a warm beach! Here is Story and I hanging out in Santa Cruz

One of my favorite things we got to do was go to the Monterey aquarium. Here is boston and Story in a giant clam. I think there favorite thing was when we sat on the carpet together as a family in front of the giant tank. It was seriously magical to experience something like that through your childrens eyes. I love being their mom. Life has brought on new meaning with them and i can't imagine it without them.

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