Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy Baby Trip to Phoenix & GreenBuild

This last week Boston and I (Jason) spent 5 days in Phoenix. My primary reason for going was to attend GreenBuild, which is hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council. As many of you know, in June I took the LEED A.P. test and I am now LEED accreditted. This is a designation that denotes that I have at least basic understanding of green or sustainable building construction, practices, design and operations. Certainly I am anxious to gain more hands on experience, but at least I have accomplished the initial "book smarts" of sustainable design. Feel free to ask me about it, and I can tell you as much as you want to know. Anyways... this conference was a perfect place for me to network and connect with potential employers and learn about sustainable products available in the market place. I attended a job fair on Tuesday, then a full day of conference on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I took the day off to play with my favorite little baby! Boston came with me to Phoenix because Kathy (my mother-in-law) wanted to take care of Boston and play with him. This gave Emy the opportunity to get ahead on some school work and relax some! We sure did miss her, and she claims to have missed us more!
On Friday Boston and I started off the morning playing at home, getting in the hot tub, taking a nap, and then going out for lunch! We had so much fun. Look at us at our "lunch date" at Pita Jungle which is really tasty if you ever get the chance!
At the conference I got to go to the Keynote opening plenary where Al Gore spoke, among others, and Sheryl Crow put on a really good concert! ( A full hour of her singing!) I wasn't to sure about what Al was going to say, but turns out he was very funny and a great presenter.

I was in the FRONT ROW, so I was like 10-15 feet from Sheryl!
Boston and I rode bikes around some on our free time. The weather was GREAT. One evening we rode a few miles to Ice Tango which has great frozen yogurt! We ended up going there 2x other times with Will and Kathy, they love it even more than us!

The first morning we were there, we went on a nice ride as well! Boston loves riding in this seat, we need to get one so we can go on rides at home (when its not snowing...)

The last morning we were there, I was determined to run a 5k with Boston. I was planning on running the 5 k that was hosted by the GreenBuild Conference, but it got cancelled last minute, so I found another race on google that was out in Mesa! We showed up 15 minutes before the race started, signed up and took off! I don't know what motivated me to run the race, because EmyLee will tell you, and I agree, that I'm not too anxious to go running here at home. I just wanted to do it, and thought it would be a cool memory with Boston. We did alright, finishing around 29 minutes. I thought that was descent given I never run, and I ran with Boston in the jogging stroller! All in all we had a great time in Phoenix! Thanks Will and Kathy for letting us stay with you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Pictures on the Beach

On our vacation to San Diego over labor day, our close friend, Chrissy Walker, took family pictures for us! We're so grateful because we haven't been the best at documenting memories or family pictures. Thanks Chrissy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Diego Trip, Labor Day 2009

Well I don't have much time to write much, but I wanted to post a few pictures! We went to San Diego over Labor Day weekend, and it was an amazing trip! It was such a great get away and we made it by spending very little! (By Rapid Rewards flights, cooking at home, and not renting a car! Oh, and our condo, ON THE BEACH, was free too, thanks to Will and his business contacts!)
The best part of the trip was that we got to go with our great friends Lance and Chrissy Walker, Lexy, and Emy's parents!! Chrissy and Lexi are both great photographers and did an excellent job documenting the trip, plus they took some family photos for us too! (those are to come, except for the one at the top right of our blog).
Here are some of the fun pictures, aren't they great! (P.S. a little plug for them both... they both do photography for any event or occassion - Lexy in AZ and Chrissy in UT)

There are some great shots during this sunset, our silhouettes are awesome!

Lance and Chrissy are amazing at country dancing and they know a ton of different lifts and moves!

Surfs up man! This was BEFORE I got stung by a sting ray! That part wasn't fun, but it was the last few hours we were there!

Boston's first longboarding lesson
Isn't he just the cutest!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Pictures

So we're not the best at posting consitently, but I wanted to put a few pictures up from this summer. We still need to get the pictures together from Boston's birthday, but that will be soon! (We only took a video, so I need to save a couple frames from the video as pictures and I just haven't gotten around to it!)

Boston on the boat with Grandpa Nowell. Boston loved the wind in his hair, and just relaxed with Grandpa!

This is Boston sipping a RedBull at a Diamond Backs game in Arizona! Haha, no don't worry, he didn't drink any!! But he tried!
Here's Boston looking so cute when we went out to eat one night. He is so adorable!
Boston's first haircut! We cut the side short, and left a Mohawk/Fauxhawk, and thats how we usually style it too!
Mommy and Bman at the Duck Pond south of BYU on a walk!
Me and Boston at the Duck Pond

So this picture is older, but I thought it was so cute. This is Boston with his "cuz" Jackson. Boston was like 10 months here

I will make a better effort to take more pictures and post sooner, cuz Boston already looks older than these pictures! He's almost walking, and stands on his own!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bret's Wedding

Bret and Haylie got married on May 8th, and it was a great time. If any of you were there, or saw pictures of our Wedding back in 2006, Emy and I had a pretty cool idea of wearing black and white Converse, Chuck Taylors at our wedding. Well, not to say Breat and Haylie stole this idea... but they borrowed it, adding their own touch of course, Red! So Boston got his a week or two before, and we had to try them out! He's so cute!

We also found a baby tux for B-man. We had to buy it instead of rent, but it was actually cheaper! So if anyone plans on getting married, and wants Boston (or any future kid...) in a tux, make sure they will fit in the 12-18 month size!

A couple more wedding pictures!

And Finally, Cute Pictures of Emy (yes, this is Jason blogging, I often post more than Emy does!)

Congratulations Bret and Haylie!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

End Of Semester

Well, even though I titled this end of semester, I really don't plan on saying much about school! Haha, we're behind on posting, as always, so I wanted to add some pictures about Boston, and tell everyone how grateful I am for my wife!! She is absolutely amazing and does so much! Recently I have taken some longer shifts of taking care of Boston, and not that he's difficult (because he really isn't, he's such a good boy!) but it has really helped me appreciate all that EmyLee does, and how much love she has!! She is going out of town at the end of the month to her friend's wedding, Minta, up in Washington, and I'm going to be on 24/7 Boston duty here in Provo! Even though she'll only be gone 2 or 3 days, I'm a little nervious, but I'm sure we'll do fine, and of course have so much fun! So thanks to all you moms out there, and all you do! (haha, it sounds like a mothers day post, but I'll be sure to say something then too!)

So, heres some fun photos and pics!

So this is probably my favorite video we've captured yet! Emy was scrapbooking, and she was using a hammer and Boston thought it was sooo funny! He would crack up if she just lifted the hammer up in the air. And this is after he had been doing it for a few minutes, so we hurried up and got the camara out!

B-Man looking all cute, and dazed out!

Boston loves taking baths, and he plays the whole time. Its like he's relaxin' in a hot tub, because he'll put his feet up and lounge back!

He loves looking in the mirror, and making faces at himself! Isn't he so cute!

He's so precious! I love being his daddy, who wouldn't!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trip to AZ

This last week we went to Arizona, partly for work, and partly for play! Emy's sister, Lyndzee, and her husband, Dustin, adopted their baby about 3 weeks ago, and we had to go meet the new family member. His name is Jackson, and is sooo cute. This picture is of Lyndzee and Jackson, Danielle and Tyler (Lyndzee's sister in law and 7 month old) and of course Emy and Bman
Here's Boston and baby Jacks sleeping side by side, they're so cute! Boston looks like a giant next to Jackson, (Thats what everyone kept calling him, the "giant").
Three babies, side by side!

On the way home, we stopped by and visited a great friend in Flagstaff, Lexy! She's a very talented photographer, and she took a few fun pictures for us! Look at Boston's fun PJ's that Lexy gave him. They have "Dance Botts" all over them.

Boston getting some major air time!

Well, thats all for now, we have a bunch of pictures from our camera that we need to upload on here, so be patient with us! We're doing great and having so much fun with Boston and watching him learn and grow! We're so lucky to have him!