Thursday, November 18, 2010

To the man i couldv'e never dremt up

to my sweet jason on this special day, our four year anniversary! i want you to know how incredibly thankful i am to have you in my life every minute of every day! you are such a special person and so incredibly perfect...for me! One of my favorite qualities about you is your ability to feel and express sincere emotion. instead of being angry you are sad, you tell me how much you love me all the time (3 things you love about my insides and of course 3 about my outsides haha), and you are the most tender and sweet father i could have chosen for our little ones. I titled this post the man i could've never dremt up because the longer i have known jason the more things i realize he has that i never knew i needed. Jason lets me tell him all of my drama and he never tries to fix me, he just listens. He is so adventurous just like my dad and i definatley didn't know i wanted that, haha. this summer in DC we had so much fun mostly due to the fun excursions jason would plan that ended with us getting on the metro close to midnight, me pregnant and boston on the back of our bikes. So awsome, wouldn't change a thing.
Jator, i love the simple moments with you, when boston brings out his book and you rush to lay beside him and we gigle on the carpet together. I love laughing in bed till it hurts and we know we will pay for the late night, the next morning. I love that you share in my hobbies with me eventhough i rarely stick with just one and you always support my creative whims. you are so special and important to me. I don't know what i would do without you in my life. I cant wait to fill our house with even more noise of children and laughter and crying and wonderful family drama! everyday to come no matter what comes will be great if i can do it with you. i love you emy
Remember When
We went to homecoming when we were engaged! we were and will always be huge goof balls!

our beautiful wedding day, the first dance, and the way we felt! i love you!

The honeymoon we missed the first time. It was definately worth it though! heres us at a cliff diving show in acapulco Mexico
Our first camping trip together as marrieds! Zion national park with your sissy Kim!

When baby Boston came along! he changed our lives and we couln't be happier!
This is Jason being the amazing dad that he is, teaching boston how to grunt and push out the little stinkers!
our beautiful baby Story arrived! She is gonna be so close with her daddy!
you can already see how jason has rubbed off on Boston. He is so incredibly soft and sweet with Story!
You went as Ken to the ward halloween party! i stinkin love you! thanks for being my barbie! by the way, nice ascott!
heres jason and boston at Apple Hill here in CA
Jator baby! it has been an amazing ride and i can't wait to continue on it with you. Dont ever forget how amazing you are and how much you meen to me. I love you with all my heart! i love you, emy