Friday, October 4, 2013

Lennon 11 weeks

Lennon is 11 weeks now! He has definatly filled out and although he is not a chunker, i think he is the burliest of all my babies. I has recently figured out how to kick and make sound on his play mat and he is super smiley right after eating. He is always spitting out the binky to smile. This kid is so awake during the day but i don't even mind because he is such a champ when it comes to sleeping at night. It shocks me everynight when he goes to sleep at 9 and wakes up at 5:30. I could probably go to sleep early but ill sleep when i'm dead right?
       We are working hard on his room and have it just about complete. I mean if complete means i will always find another project and i am done for the week then yes complete. Here is Lennon at 11 weeks and some of him playing in his cute room.
 I never can edit his photos in b and w because he has the prettiest blue eyes!

 Got this fabric to make a valance for his room so yeah i am never really done.
He loves tummy time and does it pretty well i might add.

 When he tilts his head its like he is looking into my soul.
 So i bought this chalkboard decal on It already had the arrows cut out. I wanted to reuse it so i put it on some MDF that i painted white and then jay built me a frame that i also painted white. I saw this phrase on pinterest and thought it was perfect for our little Lennon's room seeing as how he is sort of named after a beetle. ( used a chalk marker to do the sign)
 Jason found a website that will turn any photo into an Andy Warhol, and he already had this beautiful barnwood frame made. All the bedding and changing table material was found on and is by the artist Hollie Zollinger. I am obsessed with her stuff. 
 Here I took a frame Jason had made and painted an orange plus to match the material (jason's idea that little smarty pants). I also couldn't help but frame another headphone pic of Lennon. I love how different and graphic it is.

 We got this changing table from DI for 50 bones when story was little and had already painted it grey with annie sloan chalk paint and pit a dark wax finish on it. We switched out story's colorful knobs for these white ones (still need 3 more). we also added the ikea spice racks as book shelves. All the bedding and changing cover were made by a lady in my ward who is ridiculously cheap and amazing. i think she did it in 5 days.

 Jason built this plumbing pipe shelf inspired by one he found on restoration hardware. It was so easy and seriously took him like 2.5 hours. way to go babe! You got serious skills.
 I also upcycled these anthropologie flash cards my mom had given to me years ago and made some art by attaching them to some MDF that i painted grey
 I painted this picture frame from homegoods and turned it into a blanket hanger, and last but not least the amazing wall. It was actually easy because we just placed the tape haphazardly to mimick a popular material we liked. 
We did it for our little bundle but also for us. There is just something about design, when it makes sense  how it calms you. I love to go in there and rock my buddy when the other crazy littles are well...being crazy. I also think all these projects have kept me sane amidst all the changes in our lives lately.