Thursday, April 16, 2009

End Of Semester

Well, even though I titled this end of semester, I really don't plan on saying much about school! Haha, we're behind on posting, as always, so I wanted to add some pictures about Boston, and tell everyone how grateful I am for my wife!! She is absolutely amazing and does so much! Recently I have taken some longer shifts of taking care of Boston, and not that he's difficult (because he really isn't, he's such a good boy!) but it has really helped me appreciate all that EmyLee does, and how much love she has!! She is going out of town at the end of the month to her friend's wedding, Minta, up in Washington, and I'm going to be on 24/7 Boston duty here in Provo! Even though she'll only be gone 2 or 3 days, I'm a little nervious, but I'm sure we'll do fine, and of course have so much fun! So thanks to all you moms out there, and all you do! (haha, it sounds like a mothers day post, but I'll be sure to say something then too!)

So, heres some fun photos and pics!

So this is probably my favorite video we've captured yet! Emy was scrapbooking, and she was using a hammer and Boston thought it was sooo funny! He would crack up if she just lifted the hammer up in the air. And this is after he had been doing it for a few minutes, so we hurried up and got the camara out!

B-Man looking all cute, and dazed out!

Boston loves taking baths, and he plays the whole time. Its like he's relaxin' in a hot tub, because he'll put his feet up and lounge back!

He loves looking in the mirror, and making faces at himself! Isn't he so cute!

He's so precious! I love being his daddy, who wouldn't!