Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bostons firsts at 6 months

Look its Boston with his first pair of big boy hanes socks! Just like Daddy!
Even with one month of practice, Boston is still making such a mess of his cereal. But he's a baby, it's cool! hehe!

This is Boston's first time as a viking! and i look like a man eventhough i am in the womens outfit!

This is Boston's first time on a bike! Jason is super ambitious! Jason wants him to be a swimmer too so we just make him hold his breathe for 30 seconds during bath time! haha, just kidding!

And i don't know but i don't think this is bostons first time hitt'n on the ladies! look at that face. He is about to say "how you doin" in the joey voice!

Below is a video of me making Boston laugh! It gets good at the end! But it's kind of funny cause i have to go crazy like i am gonna eat him in order to make him laugh. I look like a wild animal! oh well!hehe

Many firsts with Boston at 6Months!

B man got to meet his cousin Nathan, who is just about two months older. You could probably tell because of the difference in hair, but i think nathan had hair right from the start! they are so cute together huh! No one beleives us but we are proud to anounce that boston is getting longer hair! we put some crew in it the other night and he looked stylin!

Well, no this is not Boston's first time on a plane, but it is his first time in the cockpit! This is us in the mineapolis airport on our way home from Virginia for thanksgiving!

Boston got to meet his cousins for the first time! This is kyle and Boston . Kyle loves boston so much and it was so great to have someone else around to entertain him. Kyle can make Boston laugh so hard!

This is Daddy and B man just hangin out tryin to get by in the world!

This is a picture of Bostons first time eating solids. He always makes this awful face at first. Its priceless. But, then he comes around and you can't shovel in the food fast enough! feeding time bathtime and of course bed time is my favorite time of the day. We get real messy, then we play in the bath, then we snuggle right before bed!