Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bostons firsts at 6 months

Look its Boston with his first pair of big boy hanes socks! Just like Daddy!
Even with one month of practice, Boston is still making such a mess of his cereal. But he's a baby, it's cool! hehe!

This is Boston's first time as a viking! and i look like a man eventhough i am in the womens outfit!

This is Boston's first time on a bike! Jason is super ambitious! Jason wants him to be a swimmer too so we just make him hold his breathe for 30 seconds during bath time! haha, just kidding!

And i don't know but i don't think this is bostons first time hitt'n on the ladies! look at that face. He is about to say "how you doin" in the joey voice!

Below is a video of me making Boston laugh! It gets good at the end! But it's kind of funny cause i have to go crazy like i am gonna eat him in order to make him laugh. I look like a wild animal! oh well!hehe

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Deborah&Jaran said...

Boston looks like a little athlete already. I think that bike needs training wheels before he is ready to solo. Merry Christmas Jason, Emylee, and Boston!