Monday, September 15, 2008

Jason's turn to Post

Hi, this is "Mac Daddy" 's turn to post, and it was great to see that people had left comments for us today, yay! Thanks Jenny and Minta, I guess I should leave comments too, cuz its exciting, like getting mail! Today we had a fun "FHE" where we both played with Boston and he had tummy time and was talking up a storm! Here's some pictures of that:

Also, I wanted to add some pictures that I felt were important to have in here, like Fanny, our Kitty! She is so beautiful and we love her to death!

This last one is so funny, Fanny would sit at the counter with her elbows up on the counter, and sometimes she would get sleepy! Whats even funnier is that we randomly had some medicine bottles on the counter, so it looks like she just Over-Dosed or something!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some cute videos!

Don't tell Jason i put this on here! It may be up for a limited time only! hehe

Jason is doing bostons signature dance move "round da house!" and then he says hi to everyone, except grandpa! hehe

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is Bostons nursery! it is so fun to decorate knowing its for him!

above: boston being so cute, i just take pictures cause i am a fan
Right: boston with Uncle T Bone, Jason, and Collin hangin out with the boys in lake powell!

Bostons first big boy bath! It was so fun!

Being a mom is becoming more and more fun every day. Boston and me are best buds. I know how to calm his tears and he knows how to make mommy smile! I seriously didn't know I could feel so much joy and also so many emotions at the same time. its so much work and at the same time, we play all day! I am getting emotional just talking about him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our First Parents Only Getaway!

Jason and I gave Lyndzee and Dustin the opportunity to practice their real pareting skill, you know, the ones that don't end at a stinky diaper and midnight feedings! he, just kidding, they let us have the weekend off to go on this fun camping trip to sedona, where we honey mooned! So fun! However, we were surprised by the very cold weather and the never ending rain. All the food we brought had to be cooked over the fire and since we couldn't get one going in the rain until the last night, we had to go into town and eat out! oops! it was awful! not! any way here is Jason on our hike that turned into dodging hail and me eating, whats new! yesss!

Some Long Due Pictures!

This is the Hospital that Boston was born at. It was in midlothian VA and when we walked in we worried we were going to be charged extra for everything! It was like a hyatt. Wood floors in the delivery room and marble everywhere .We joked that we never saw another patient while we were there. Was this a hospital or a hotel? hehe