Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some cute videos!

Don't tell Jason i put this on here! It may be up for a limited time only! hehe

Jason is doing bostons signature dance move "round da house!" and then he says hi to everyone, except grandpa! hehe


Minta said...

I love Boston already! He's so cute geef! He's beautiful- in a manly kinda way :)! love you guys!

The Whitings in Philly said...

i love it! i still can't believe my little bro is a dad! he's so cute. well, Jason, but of course Boston too! i wish we could hang out and play together with our babies! :)

Lyndzee Durham said...

Yeah! Thanks for the shout-out Boston, we totally love and miss you all. Keep posting, we can never get too many pictures of B-Man.