Monday, March 5, 2012

18 Months Story bug!

Story Turned 18 months on the 1st of March! It was a huge deal because this means that Story gets to go to Nursery at church! This is an even bigger deal for Jason and I because this means that we actually get to go to church! No more walking the halls following story and picking up her fishie crackers behind her.
  Anyway, i was such a proud momma on Sunday. Story went to nursery and was able to stay! yay Story i am so proud of you! And, if that wasn't enough, Boston was asked to say the prayer in primary! It was so fun to go down to Primary to support him. He was so excited to get to sit in the big chairs up front. When he got up he was really nervous, but his voice turned to a yell when he realized how awsome it was to be on a microphone! it was hilarious! Then i told him to speak softer and he started whispering! Man what fun it is to be Story and Boston's mommy! So we took the kids out to a park here in Folsom and took some 18 month old photos of Story, so here they are!

 I mean seriously, that smile is killer!

   Of course i had to put a sad face one, i mean this is story's face half the time. haha

Thanksgiving 2011 Utah

Thanksgiving was so fantastic this year! We decided to meet up with my family in Utah since my cute sis in law was very preggers and couldn't travel. It was a long drive, but splitting it in half made it alot easier. I had seen some really great pics taken on the salt flats so i couldn't wait to stop and take some quick ones of my own, kind of amazing huh.

It's crazy the amount of light that bounces off the white salt!

We were on a 12 hour drive so the kids are scruffy and in their jammies, but i loved every minute of it! It reminded me of roadtrips with my parents when i was growing up. My Dad used to always take us sailing on our way out of town from so cal. we were always soaking wet and crying! haha now my kids are paying for it!

I made the cousins matching turkey t-shirts! yaya i love mommie stuff!

 Look at stories crazy hair and that face! haha she looks nuts!
 see these are my silly brothers!
  Look at stories crazy hair and that face! haha she looks nuts!

 Boston had so much fun in Bret's backyard. He even found a sea shell! Where the heck did that come from?!

 The food was amazing, via Haylie, but the company was eaqually awsome! my family is so hilarious, especially all of them at once.
Boston loved the food! and loves uncle bret!

 My Brothers look crazy!
    Oh look at my boys! So yeah, it was amazing, and its kind of funny cause i didn't get a single pic of my parents but they were there being awsome as ever, and i have to put out a special thanks to Minta Michael and Sarah Keller for letting us stay at their house for the week. I miss Minta all the time so it was amazing to see her every day and spend time with her beautiful family! 
I didn't write this around thanksgiving but i do want to take the time to express what i am greatful for.
1. the tender mercy of trials to help me better feel the joys in my life
2. My amazing husband who is more to me than a huband but a best friend.
3. My health that allows me to take care of my family
4. Boston daniel Mcintyre my first born and my little buddy
5. Story Soleil Mcintyre my sassy and strong baby girl!
6. My amazing family and in laws who are beyond supportive
7. The Gospel of Jesus Christ that has given all of us eternal families, man i want to be with my family forever!