Monday, March 5, 2012

18 Months Story bug!

Story Turned 18 months on the 1st of March! It was a huge deal because this means that Story gets to go to Nursery at church! This is an even bigger deal for Jason and I because this means that we actually get to go to church! No more walking the halls following story and picking up her fishie crackers behind her.
  Anyway, i was such a proud momma on Sunday. Story went to nursery and was able to stay! yay Story i am so proud of you! And, if that wasn't enough, Boston was asked to say the prayer in primary! It was so fun to go down to Primary to support him. He was so excited to get to sit in the big chairs up front. When he got up he was really nervous, but his voice turned to a yell when he realized how awsome it was to be on a microphone! it was hilarious! Then i told him to speak softer and he started whispering! Man what fun it is to be Story and Boston's mommy! So we took the kids out to a park here in Folsom and took some 18 month old photos of Story, so here they are!

 I mean seriously, that smile is killer!

   Of course i had to put a sad face one, i mean this is story's face half the time. haha


Lindsey H said...

haha, I'm up late blogging too but I had to pause to say how adorable your pictures are! Of course, it helps to have a great model but yeah, beautiful pics/daughter!

Welcome to Our Story said...

Ah, these pictures are so precious. Story is such a doll. I love her hair! Good to see/hear how she's doing. Happy to hear she went to nursery well. How is Boston liking Sunbeams? Nate likes it fine except that "there aren't any toys in there." Love ya guys!

The Gilberts said...

wow, such color with the blue and her eyes! love these

The Walkers said...

These pictures are incredible! She has got to be the cutest little girl ever! I just want to love on her and kiss those cute cheeks :) I miss all of you terribly!