Sunday, December 22, 2013

Halloween fun!

This year we had a lot of chances to dress up so we did it hard! haha. First came Bostons class party. It has been so neat to volunteer in his T-k class. Boston has this way about him where sometimes even when he is having the best time he will have a super straight face. There was a part where they are all dancing and singing and Boston was totally dancing but never steered from that serious face! Which is so wierd cause Boss is a super funny guy who loves a good joke! Here are some of my fave pics from the class party.

 Home made pizzas
 He loves his friend Bentley (told her he wants to marry her) and Heres his teacher miss Alley and the room mom Mindy (Bostons good friend Alexs mom)
 His good car pool buddies Easton and Jace

 Heres him dancing in all his joy!

Cute class mates
Boston started off wanting to be a green ninjago. I wanted to save money so i was going to borrow a blue ninja costume from a friend but Boss insisted it be green. We were home free when a friend loaned us this green skeleton costume and Boston decided he was a dead green Zombie ninja.  Most of Bosties costumes have ended up being hybrids haha.
 Story got to dress up in her homemade  mermaid costume for ballet. Here she is with all of her class and below is her teacher miss Cheylene. 
 Story absolutley loved this class at tricks and her costume looked so stinkin cute with ballet slippers!

Heres bosties cute face on actuall Haloween night!

We then threw this super fun party with my friend Ashley Tanner. We had pumkin painting and spider web walking, a costume parade and even a gross touching stuff game at the end that was a huge hit!
 reused this flower from last years midevil princess costume, which actually came from the top of a nothing bundt cake!

What a gorgeous gal. SHe got to wear makeup and stick on stick on earings! Mommy love loves doing makeup with Story even though she is gorgeous without it!
 Jason Lennon and i were from Duck Dynasty. Jay is phil, I am kay (theres a pillow in my apron haha)( and Lennon is a duck! In camo i might add!

 I love me some squirrel brains and a pioneer man! Pretty cute duck too!

 We went trick or treating with these zombies, the corbridge boys!

Oh and there was a chili tasting contest, here is ashley handing out the samples, one hot momma!

the yucki touchy (sorry no good name for this) game was seriously the best part! totally gross and awsome, we used jello wrapped in saranawrap covered in vaseline for a heart, that was my favorite one! We trick or treated with the corbridges, oschners and thompsons in their neighborhood complete with a dj, haunted house and all it was a blast! Top that 2014, i dare you!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lennons baby blessing

Lennon just turned 17 weeks (four months) and we were able to go to AZ for thanksgiving and do his baby blessing. It was so fun to sit with all my siblings at church, minus my brother bret who i miss to death. Most of us have kids so they were all coloring together. I loved how we all helped eachother keep our kids entertained. snacks from aunt lyndzee, a toy from me. It was just so fun to be a large family unit like that. It was also just so amazing to have jason go up in my home ward with Dustin, Brock Taylor and my Dad to bless Lennon. We waited four months so that we could have family there and it really did make it that much cooler. I am so greatful for Little Lennon in our lives. He is the easiest happiest baby. He started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and wakes up with a huge smile on his face all the time! He is so easy going. I can put him down any where and he just hangs out. He loves his siblings so much. I think he is a bit more comfortable with Boston because he doesn't have to worry about being accidently smooshed like he does with Story. Boston, more than any one in our family, can make Lennon laugh out loud. He always wants to see what he is up to. Story loves lennon so much, and reminds me a lot of myself in that its almost too hard for her to contain. I mean i have learned to bite my lip while i squeeze his cute chunky legs as to not squeeze too hard, but story lets it all out and sometimes gets a little crazy!
   It was pretty cool hearing my dad bear his testimony at the blessing. He spoke of when he took the missionary discussions. How the missionaries painted a picture of what life could be like if he joined the church and how the day of Lennon's blessing with almost all of our family there was one of those days.
 Although the bow tie and hat make me melt, i think its lennon that makes these pics!

 Look at that face

 I love this one!!!

 jason said i could spend money on the socks if i documented them haha

and to finish off, here are his 15 and 17 week pics