Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas in Bridgewater!

We began our trip with a lot of weather. There was a huge storm so our flight was pushed back 1 day. However, there were still alot of delays so we ended up being stuck in memphis on our layover for 4 or 5 hours. We had a couple of melt downs, but we ended up setting up shop in a corner of the airport with highschool musical playing and my huge sherpa coat as a blanket. I stopped at one point and told Jason that we got through this, so we could get through anything! Plus ups and especially downs come whether we like them or not, but the downs are so much better with my family!
There was over two feet of snow in VA so we were very anxious to go play in the snow with Boston and all our neices and nephews! We didn't have snow pants or snow shoes so we wrapped each of Bostons legs in plastic grocery bags and wrapped in duck tape! he looked so funny and so flippin adorable. Although, i don't think it worked cause he cried as soon as he touched the snow. In the one on the sled he looks like a little amputee, not that thats funny or anything! hehe.
Below is a picture of one of my favorite traditions, The nativity. Ever
y year the whole Teerlink family gets together and does a big potluck lunch. After we eat, the nativity roles are assigned.
Because boston was in my tummy last time we did this, we were so excited to see what role he would play, and we were hoping he would play the role of the cute cudley sheep. He did
, except he wanted to sit in this chair and him and nathan were fighting over it.
Eventually, Alexa came over and put an end to the fighting by sitting in the chair herself. It was hilarious .
Heres somemore cute pics of Boston and his cousing Nathan in the tub, and giving kisses! Its nice to see him being affectionate, because ever since i taught him to say "hiyah" he karate chops everything, especially Nathans head. But, don't worry, Nathan gets him back with his overzealous hugs and usually knocks Boston to the ground! more posts like this one to come! Oh and here is a picture of Boston in his new snow shoes! yay for things that actually keep your legs warm!