Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the Squishies!

Meet 3.45 year old Boston! Boston is all of these faces plus so much more personality! Currently he is loving sounding out every word to find a "B" word, or a "D" word. He is getting so smart! Boston is getting into make beleive which is so fun. He lays on the ground and sees a shooting star on the cieling, he pretends it is snowing and he is building a snowman, or my favorite, he turns the magnets and says the water is running and we have to go to the treehouse (the kitchen bench seat). He is so tender to Story when he is not protecting his toys and he loves to have bath party's! He has started using the green magic to make stop lights turn green so we can go...and he tells me very loudly when i can go! I love love love this little bear!

 This is Story Bug! The other day i was wiping up the floor and she came behind me, cleaning with a sock. She sings the clean up part to the nursery clean up song, says "three, three, three" when she wants to be thrown and she has a smile that changes your whole mood around. She is goofy and voistrous and  lets you know when she wants food which is basically always. I love love love her and her beautiful eyes!

Apple Hill! Fall Tradition!

Apple Hill is this cool area 45 min. from our house. After passing beautiful vinyards and pine trees you end up on this stretch of Apple Orchards. This is my favorite one, High Hill. It has a fishing pond, play ground, tons of apple stuff to buy, huge pumpkins as you can see and my favorite, the fudge shop!
 Boston was loving these huge pumpkins. P.S. My sweet husband worked until 8 that night so he could go with us that morning! 

 Story and Boton loved the big wooden train, and this face is totally typicall of Story, she is so curious and expressive!

 Boston gets so crazy when he pretends to be in jail! Look at that face!
 Boston got to decorate a chocolate covered rice krispie treat!

 Story just ate the Candy while Jason and I tried not to do it ourselves.

 She's a totall daddy's girl
And, Viola!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 Folsom CA

Halloween with a 3 year old...pure bliss! Bostie said twick or tweat and everytime i beamed with pride. It was such a blast taking them this year. Its our first time living in a house, so we gave out candy which was fun as we played pandora's halloween channel inside our house. It was so funny because some of those songs are more theatrical with no words so Boston kept asking me to pretend i was looking for him and then he would run around the corner and act like a monster. We all tried to act like what the song sounded like so it was really intense while i was feeding Story. Haha
    So as you can see Story went as a UC cal cheerleader, with the big bow and all! we were excited as now we are Californians and all. Look at her little bum! So cute!
         Boston is always lovin on Story!
 She is so big, almost walking.
And here is my little Space Pirate...oh you have never heard of a Space Pirate,.. well its a little boy who can't decide what he wants to be for Halloween so his mommy gets him a pirate costume until he changes his mind and wants to be an astronaut so his awsome mommy makes him a jetpack and vetos any more additions to the costume! haha but i secretly loved the uniqueness of his look! you are so awsome bud!

 Here they are getting loaded in the car. We are still kids at heart so of course we had to go to the best neighborhood with the best candy to trick or treat.
 Could you just die, look at those new top teeth! so cute!
       Jason, did you go as a super good looking guy who is an awsome dad! wow you really fit the part! I love you!
                                         He absolutley loved all the decorations and especially the scary houses with scary music.

And..some last minute Halloween decorations. A painted pumkin and leaves from my awsome backyard! thrifty has that red chair been to me. I move it around the house, use it for photo shoots and it has even come in handy for halloween, way to go red chair!

Happy Halloween!