Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the Squishies!

Meet 3.45 year old Boston! Boston is all of these faces plus so much more personality! Currently he is loving sounding out every word to find a "B" word, or a "D" word. He is getting so smart! Boston is getting into make beleive which is so fun. He lays on the ground and sees a shooting star on the cieling, he pretends it is snowing and he is building a snowman, or my favorite, he turns the magnets and says the water is running and we have to go to the treehouse (the kitchen bench seat). He is so tender to Story when he is not protecting his toys and he loves to have bath party's! He has started using the green magic to make stop lights turn green so we can go...and he tells me very loudly when i can go! I love love love this little bear!

 This is Story Bug! The other day i was wiping up the floor and she came behind me, cleaning with a sock. She sings the clean up part to the nursery clean up song, says "three, three, three" when she wants to be thrown and she has a smile that changes your whole mood around. She is goofy and voistrous and  lets you know when she wants food which is basically always. I love love love her and her beautiful eyes!


Taylor and Kathy Christensen said...

Oh my gosh, I could EAT those squishies they are SO CUTE!!! So glad you posted again. I love hearing about your cute life. You look AWESOME, by the way. love you!

Leanne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those pics! you are great with that camera of yours. i guess it helps that your kids are SO STINKIN CUTE!! i love reading your blog. love you Emy. miss you tons!!! if you're even in St. George...let me know. i would love to see you!!!


Your family is darling! We sure miss you guys! Next time you guys are in town we need to get together so I can pinch those sweet cheeks of Story's! We love you guys!