Sunday, August 25, 2013

sunday bubbles

just recently the kids had the urge to do bubbles so after a couple of days of searching for batteries and getting all the old bubble guns working we had some bubble fun! And mommy got to take some fun bubble pics to! 

 story grew so much this summer all her jam jams are too small so we get lots of cute story crack!
 I love this face from her! i get this face a lot! haha
 handsome boy!

Lennon's photo shoot

Lennon week 5!

Im loving life as a mommy of 3! What i thought would be stressful and busy has become purposeful and fun and sometimes stressful and busy but mostly amazing. Of course i am adjusting to boston and story's school shedule which sometimes makes it hard to connect with other moms, but i like being busy. With just one child i found myself watching the clock waiting for Jason to get home. I never could figure out how to fill up my day with just a toddler. But, with three its busy and i have fun converstations with boston, baby time with Lennon and lots of special mommy daughter time with story. I really do love it!
 So here is week 5 pic, in hind sight i probably should have ironed the material, but isn't there a quote about how a good mom has wrinkly clothes, dirty floors and happy kids, so yeah haha its a sign of my good parenting!

I love his wrinkley arm!  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boston's First Day of Junior Kindergarten

I never could have imagined how hard and stressful it would be for Jason and I to make a decision concerning Boston's schooling, especially at the Kindergarten level. Well it was. Haha  i hope its a reflection of our love for him. We looked into this local school that uses the Waldorf system. I really love this school but knowing that we are probably not permanent here made it difficult to commit to such a different learning style. So many other factors played into our decision to do the school districts junior k.  First was the fact that Blanche Sprentz was the school that took us off the waiting list first. Second, there are two women in my ward that carpool with me. You would be surprised how much not wanting to be in the car all day plays into which school you pick. Any way, he totally loves it and is making so many friends and loving going every day. On his first day he talked my ear off all the way to school and then his teacher read a book called the kissing hand to help them not be sad and it was me who was trying to cover my tears when he happily waved goodbye. I just can't believe he is 5 and with new little Lennon it has really hit me how fast it all goes.
   This week Boston was learning about coconuts, well that's what i gather from the fragmented sentences i get out of Boston about school. He had coconut water on Friday and then Jason caught him singing "You put the Lime in the coconut and shake it all up!" so funny right, some how that makes me feel so much more comfortable with him being in school cause it sounds like the teacher is funny and me haha. So here are some back to school and first day pics.

Lennon week 3 and 4

 I am doing a patchwork "picture" quilt with pics of Lennon every week. I am excited to see how he changes throughout his first year. Then i am going to put them all together and make a little quilt! So here he is his 3rd and 4th week. I missed his second as i am sure i will continue to do as life gets crazy but ill see what i can do.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

April's Fools 2012

April Fools is one of my favorite holidays. This year i was so excited to find out that one of my good friends nicole loves it too. We decided to dupe our families together so I made desert that looked like dinner and she made dinner that looked like desert. It is so fun to have good family friends. I seriously have dreamed about having family friends like them to do things like this with. This is the stuff life is made of.

Made cupcakes with Marcos and Vanessa that morning.

Messy Momma!

Cupcakes made to look like a TV dinner, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and peas and carrots
meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes that look like cherry pie 

Nicole surprised us with jello that looked like our drinks
cute little joshua!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

outings, easter, gymnastics!

Although we welcomed Story into our lives this year, it has been one filled with lots of special moments with Boston. I think because we now have two, we made a special effort to have quality time with just Boston. Its sort of neat becasue Story goes to sleep every night at 7:30 and being the late night eaters that we are, we always get to have dinner just the three of us. I love hearing all the funny things Boston has to say and having that quiet time every day to let him know I love him. So starting from longest ago to most recent, here are some things you missed.
We were able to go to Disney on Ice with Boston. I think we were more excited than he was. It was kind of a precurser to Disney Land which we hope to do this summer, and we were just as excited . Boston did love it, but he wanted to walk down the stairs and see the skaters up close, he didn't understand the whole stay in your seat thing. So it was really fun, but Boston was a little grumpie.

We also got to go to 6 flags for Jason's 26th Birthday. You might not be able to tell but Boston is on the ride with Jator, although i think Jason would have had just as much fun! haha, no he loved riding it with bubba!

We decided to leave Story with a baby sitter so that we could really enjoy the day. It was such a stinkin blast. Tons of kids rides at this one. Boston did a ton of rides, and even his first roller coaster with me, but i will never take him on that one again. it was so dangerous and jerky. They also had a splash zone which Boston got completely soaked in. It was so funny because jason and i were sitting there talking while Boston was playing in the water and all of the sudden we got completely soaked! We looked up expecting to see some punk kid, and we were surprised to see a little girl standing there looking as surprised as we were. I guess she had placed her foot just right over the hole where water came out and it came our direction. All the sudden she looked less surpised and more kniving. She had figured out what she had done and was about to do it again, so Jason and i got up and ran before she could get us again. I love laughing with that guy.
It was so different than most theme parks i had been to. It was so lush and green with tons of animals, seaworld type attractions, and even a butterfly house. It was such a great family place.

Boston with his buds, Liam and Landon

Look at all these manly men pushing strollers in the park! We love these guys!

Easter was particularly special this year because Boston was old enough to die eggs, hunt for eggs, and even talk about the savior. I love easter. There are no gifts to exchange, only special traditions and time to think about Jesus and that he lives and what that means to us. In church someone told us that she had checked her facebook that morning and her friends status read, "It is true, He is risen, the tomb is empty" i loved that, and i love that people are using social networking to show their faith, so i changed my status to that as well.
I never documented last years easter, so here is a picture of Boston. It was in Provo and it was like 20 degrees outside, we made him take his coat off for the pic, i know we are evil, haha, but look how big he is getting.

Boston also just graduated from the gymnastics toddler class with parent participation to the Tumble Bunnies! It was so exciting, they had this big circus themed show for the kids and i was so proud of him, and i was ablsolutely glowing at his first big boy class! I love you so much Boston Bear!

P.S. Boson can pick up things with his toes just like me! A really helpful talent when you are pregnant or otherwise to lazy to lean down and pick up things with your hands. I have used it in public a few times and got some weird looks! haha, but that happens anyway when your me! ;)