Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boston's First Day of Junior Kindergarten

I never could have imagined how hard and stressful it would be for Jason and I to make a decision concerning Boston's schooling, especially at the Kindergarten level. Well it was. Haha  i hope its a reflection of our love for him. We looked into this local school that uses the Waldorf system. I really love this school but knowing that we are probably not permanent here made it difficult to commit to such a different learning style. So many other factors played into our decision to do the school districts junior k.  First was the fact that Blanche Sprentz was the school that took us off the waiting list first. Second, there are two women in my ward that carpool with me. You would be surprised how much not wanting to be in the car all day plays into which school you pick. Any way, he totally loves it and is making so many friends and loving going every day. On his first day he talked my ear off all the way to school and then his teacher read a book called the kissing hand to help them not be sad and it was me who was trying to cover my tears when he happily waved goodbye. I just can't believe he is 5 and with new little Lennon it has really hit me how fast it all goes.
   This week Boston was learning about coconuts, well that's what i gather from the fragmented sentences i get out of Boston about school. He had coconut water on Friday and then Jason caught him singing "You put the Lime in the coconut and shake it all up!" so funny right, some how that makes me feel so much more comfortable with him being in school cause it sounds like the teacher is funny and me haha. So here are some back to school and first day pics.

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