Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lennon Week one

         I think baby #3 Lennon has been the easiest transition as far as adjustments go. Of course, this time we didn't have to move cross country, had our own house and a job, so that really helped. I was going to try to breastfeed, but with the gestational diabetes it was really helpful to feed Lennon formula until his blood sugar went up. After the first night i just thought i would make it easier on myself and stick to the decision to formula feed and it has been great! I have really been a happy mommy and it has helped alot. I have to thank all the help i had. I couldn't have done it without my parents who came out in time to be at Lennon's birth and then watch the kids so Jay could stay with me in the hospital. I seriously have the most amazing mother in the world. Especially as i watch my kids grow older and realize how much patience and love is required to be a mother, i grow to reckognize her perfect love even more. She cleaned my house, played with my kids and seriously loved me in all those tearful new baby moments. After my mom went home, Jay the kids and i watched our wedding video. Boston is always so sad that he wasn't at our wedding haha, but i loved watching the part where my mom and dad talk on the video. they both well up with tears and my mom thanks me for letting her be my mom. Wow, me letting her. I am so sure that Heavenly father matched us up so perfectly. I truly have needed specifically her in so many moments of my life. One powerful thing she taught me that always helped me feel my worth was when she told me that my sensitivity was a gift and i could use it to tune into others needs. When i later struggled with depression i drew on that and never was ashamed and actually have been able to help many people since to understand that depression is simply and ailment to be fixed and not a reflection of who we are. Wow, what a great lesson to teach your daughter!
     My sister came too with her little guy Jackson who is boston's age. They had the best time together doing legos's and playing with Charlie (jackson's bear.. a girl). the kids still talk about Charlie so he is important to mention. It was so fun to see my sister. We live so far apart, but i really think we have one of those relationships that doesn't require too much if that makes sence. but, i miss her alot and i wish we lived by one another. Here is boston and Jackson on his new loft bed Jason built so Story and him could share a room.
 This one cracks me up because all the sudden they started doing these weird poses and then i realized my sister was behind me prompting them. Haha although i dont think they caught her vision.
   A funny thing i should mention is that Boston is always mentioning how lucky Lennon is to be all wrapped up like that. Its so cute. He will sit across the room and look longingly and say, "man that looks so comfy!" or "i wish i could be wrapped like that" He has already asked me to make him a blankey like Lennon's for Christmas. I love that little Boston bear. By the way, we decided since story's nickname is  Bug and boston's is Bear, Lennon could be Bean!
 Aunt Lyndzee snugglin!
                                                                            Grandma Kathy Story and Lennon

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