Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lennons Baby Blessing

Lennons Baby Blessing                                                  given by: Jason McIntyre
December 1st 2013

Our Father in Heaven, by the power and authority of the  Melchezidech priesthood which we hold, we hold this day in our arms to give him a name and a blessing. The name which will be Lennon Jay McIntyre. At this time Lennon we wish to give you a blessing which comes from faith from those that love you most and a blessing from your Father in Heaven.  We bless you that you will continue to be such a joy and light in the lives of your family. With your friends and acquaintances. We bless you with health , growth that you’ll grow to be a boy and a young man and a worthy priesthood holder. We bless you with the power to have faith, to seek faith in the Lord, and come to your Father in Heaven in prayer often. You’ll be guided by the spirit and you’ll have the strength to overcome temptation. Lennon we bless you with love. That you will be able to act as an instrument in the Lords hands to treat others with the love that your Father in Heaven has for each one of his children. We bless you with the power to make correct choices to make good and strong friendships that you can be a beacon of truth and light to others and lead by example and lead by faith. We bless you that you’ll prepare to serve an honorable full time mission. That you will experience the joys and satisfaction of proclaiming this gospel. As you do that you will feel the love from our father in Heaven. I bless you with the goal and the ability to reach that goal. To dedicate… when it comes time to take a righteous spouse as well to be sealed for Time and All Eternity, and that the blessings of the temple will bless your life, bless your posterity to be guided back to your Father in Heaven. We bless you with a sure knowledge that your parents love you, and you have loving siblings, grandparents, and extended family that share this testimony of the Gospel, and that they can be sources of advice and council. Lennon, these things we bless you with at this time, also that the blessings your Father in Heaven has in store for you through out your life that they may come about you as well. We do this in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.