Monday, December 13, 2010


This year for Halloween we all went as charachters from Toy Story. Boston was Rex the dinasour

Mommy and Daddy were Ken and Barbie!
And Story was Ham!

Heres the wreath we made at girls night
Beware... in high humidity it melts no matter what kind of protectant you put on it!
And of course the traditional, 4th annual dinner in a pumpkin... same recipe, new friends! it was a blast is the spread!

Bostons all grown up!

Lately Boston has wanted to be just like daddy and has said, "by mom i am going to worky" he then gives me a hug and a kiss, puts on his back pack, rain boots and his hoodie, and he's off to the back porch to wash all his cars in the tupperwares full of rain water. I laughed the other day as i thought of the contents in his suitcase (backpack). Contents as follows:
crayons and markers
binoculars made out of toilet paper rolls (made by daddy)
mommys old bedazzled cell phone
and flame sunglasses
and let me tell you. He uses every item in that backpack! It is essential that he does not leave the house without it!

And this is just his cute little sister! what a doll! p.s she is soo so so smiley it makes my day so much brighter!

Thanksgiving in San Francisco and Projects

Is this guy cute or what?! He could make us some major mula with these good looks! ooooowww!

So i hope you are reading in hopes of getting an "everything" update. Just a quick disclaimer, this blog is being turned into a book and so it is really my idea of a journal so i don't stress about spelling or how iphrase things or if its interesting or not! hehe ok.
Thanksgiving with the Abbots!
We were unable to go home for thanksgiving so our good friends Margo and Tim Abbot were nice enough to have us in there home for thanksgiving. We met them at BYU and they live in Oakland now. Time works for the Oakland Temple and so he was able to get us a place to stay. The house we stayed at is usually for temple workers who have traveled to get there. It was crazy inexpensive and you would not beleive the views. It has about the same view that the temple had and you know that's always high on a hill! We had the most amazing veiw of the temple and city lights at night, and watched from a huge balcony! It was really cool cause the house is owned by the church and you could feel the spirit... when do you feel the spirit in a hotel room! so i had to watch what i said...just kidding i am pretty good! haha
Margo did a beautiful dinner party feel and the food was as pretty as it was good! we spent the next two days exploring San Francisco or as the locals call it, "The City".

View of Oakland from The Temple!

We spent our first day at Fishermans Wharf or Pier 39! It was so fun. This is us in front of Alcatraz

There was an awsome carosel on the Pier and Boston loved it!
The next day was spent at the San Francisco Zeum for children. It was a placed geared towards technology and play! here is Jason and Boston playing with the big blocks. you don't even have to be in the museum to play with these, but you know kids, they don't care how much or little something costs, or if its a toy or not... when its fun.. its fun !

This was so cool! they created a play ground that was completely green so that it was a green screen that had a monitor that the kids could see as they slid down the slide so it looked like they were in the clouds or the ocean!

This is just a branch that boston and Jason found for me in the forest behind our house. we then tied ribbon onto snowflake wood ornaments and put vinyl on the ornaments! i love rustic design that brings the outside in!
Heres boston all bundled up before going out in the rain to search for pine cones and a stick!

And here's what we did with the pine cones! Jasons idea! he is so wonderful and crafty! Oh and i am sure many of you are thinking "where did you get that beautiful frame?" cause i get that alot... well the answer is my friend chrissy @ she is not making them any more, but she has some already made that she will sell! Thanks Chrissy! we love it!

This is an oh so easy Christmas craft. you just string ornaments onto a hanger in the shape of a circle ( p.s hot glue the silver thingy's on first!) I love the unconventional Christmas colors.
Story's room! We still have boxes in there so this is the most your gonna get for now! haha!
This is a bow and ribbon holder my sister in law showed me how to make.My first baby girl craft! It is so fun having a little girl!

And of course, the main event, Boston's big boy(twin) bed! we were so excited to put Boston in a big bed (not to mention that he was so squished in his pack and play). We looked and looked for a bed but didn't find anything we liked for a price we likes. I guess that's the motivating reason for most DIYers, expensive taste and not enough money! haha. So, just to clarify Jason built the whole thing from scratch and i helped to distress paint and stain it! It turned out so good! we love it! way to go babe!
By the way, boston did great the first 5 or so days followed by 3 days of torture ( he got out of bed 10-15 times each nap) but now he is back to staying in bed, although he does read for about an hour before he goes to bed. he clutches that Thomas book so tight. I tried to take it from him when he was sleeping, but he cried and held it even tighter! I sure love my bubba!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

To the man i couldv'e never dremt up

to my sweet jason on this special day, our four year anniversary! i want you to know how incredibly thankful i am to have you in my life every minute of every day! you are such a special person and so incredibly perfect...for me! One of my favorite qualities about you is your ability to feel and express sincere emotion. instead of being angry you are sad, you tell me how much you love me all the time (3 things you love about my insides and of course 3 about my outsides haha), and you are the most tender and sweet father i could have chosen for our little ones. I titled this post the man i could've never dremt up because the longer i have known jason the more things i realize he has that i never knew i needed. Jason lets me tell him all of my drama and he never tries to fix me, he just listens. He is so adventurous just like my dad and i definatley didn't know i wanted that, haha. this summer in DC we had so much fun mostly due to the fun excursions jason would plan that ended with us getting on the metro close to midnight, me pregnant and boston on the back of our bikes. So awsome, wouldn't change a thing.
Jator, i love the simple moments with you, when boston brings out his book and you rush to lay beside him and we gigle on the carpet together. I love laughing in bed till it hurts and we know we will pay for the late night, the next morning. I love that you share in my hobbies with me eventhough i rarely stick with just one and you always support my creative whims. you are so special and important to me. I don't know what i would do without you in my life. I cant wait to fill our house with even more noise of children and laughter and crying and wonderful family drama! everyday to come no matter what comes will be great if i can do it with you. i love you emy
Remember When
We went to homecoming when we were engaged! we were and will always be huge goof balls!

our beautiful wedding day, the first dance, and the way we felt! i love you!

The honeymoon we missed the first time. It was definately worth it though! heres us at a cliff diving show in acapulco Mexico
Our first camping trip together as marrieds! Zion national park with your sissy Kim!

When baby Boston came along! he changed our lives and we couln't be happier!
This is Jason being the amazing dad that he is, teaching boston how to grunt and push out the little stinkers!
our beautiful baby Story arrived! She is gonna be so close with her daddy!
you can already see how jason has rubbed off on Boston. He is so incredibly soft and sweet with Story!
You went as Ken to the ward halloween party! i stinkin love you! thanks for being my barbie! by the way, nice ascott!
heres jason and boston at Apple Hill here in CA
Jator baby! it has been an amazing ride and i can't wait to continue on it with you. Dont ever forget how amazing you are and how much you meen to me. I love you with all my heart! i love you, emy

Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing with the Chillins! lovin it!

i am really excited to say that i think i am starting to get a handle on the whole what to do with your kids during the day thing. Partly because Boston is older and plays with me more, and partly because i am no longer a student and i can dive into mommyhood. So this week Boston and i made peanut butter cookie dough, dyed it green and then played with it like playdoe. This was all inspired by a star cookie cutter that i bought for boston. I wanted to make edible play doe but we were missing an ingredient for every recipe i found so i improvised and made the cookie doe. I think it works just as well, but i have a feeling that those recipes were alot healthier than the cookie dough. And, i must warn you, it is delicious and your kids (and you) will eat alot of it. Yummy! so here is boston playing with the dough and any other gadgets i could find.
We have also had fun filling large tupper wares up with water getting the foaming soap out, and washing all of his cars ...and stuffed animals...and electronics (yikes, not on purpose! hehe)
We go to parks alot here too. There are tons and tons of parks in Folsom i love it! And alot of people with families it is so fun.

Here is Story in her swing lookin so cute and i have to say thank you to Chrissy Walker for giving me such good tips to help me take better pics on my camera. I think they are starting to look better!

Boston is so fun to have around. I turned around the other day and he had these glasses on. The best part is, he know its funny now too and starts to laugh also! he is so silly. I love him. are enough

So I know there is alot to catch up on, but this post is simply to say, moms, you are enough. I have had several conversations lately with dear friends, mommy friends, and i have come to the conclusion that although we feel the need to be constantly busy, look for validation in other aspects of our lives, and become the best at everything we do...we are already enough.
Have you ever been driving down the road and the perfect song comes on. It's not really the words that communicate as much as the music. And in that exact moment the realization of all your blessings comes rushing over you and warms you like the sun on a cold day. I have. It was the other night and i was out getting groceries after a long day of time outs, laughter, tears, diaper changes, quiet sweet moments, and of course the frusterating ones. It seemed to me that in the same moment i was able to reckognize all my blessings, Heavenly Father was again blessing me by allowing me to feel his love. I have felt that alot lately.
Which brings me to my other point. Being a mother is definatley the hardest thing i have ever done...but i am absolutly positive that without its incredible hardships, the ups would not be so heavenly. Sometimes i have those moments where it seems the world is standing still and i look at my perfect little boy singing while he plays with his cars and then my sweet baby girl in the swing. Then I see my husband run over and roll around with boston and i feel this sense of "i am right where i am supposed to be, and i am enough". I think your kids tell this to you every day, not through their words, but every time they forgive you for forgetting to change their diaper, or when they hug you when you come to get them from time out, or how they still want to play with you when you have been too busy for them all morning. It is my little ones that have allowed me to see everything for the second time, innocent, and full of wonderment and excitement. It is my children that have encouraged me to view cleaner programs and to work on my relationship with the savior. I am so greatful to be simply a mom, and i know being a mom is enough. I hope this helped remind some of you how special you are and wonderful. Of course it is many of you that have reminded me of this through your frienship and examples.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Story's Newborn Photo Shoot

Sorry for a short post, but check out Story's newborn photo shoot. Just click on this link, or copy and paste it.

More posts about our California move will be coming soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

End of Summer

This summer has been a blast and full of adventure. I finished up my internship a few weeks ago at American University up in Washington D.C. and we've since moved down to my parents' in Bridgewater, VA for a few weeks. One adventure (or task, cause of stress, pressing item, and even a bit of fun...) has been finding a job. We were blessed to have several options, which in this economy is somewhat unheard of. These options could have landed us in Boston, Washington DC, Southern CA, or Northern CA. I accepted a job offer from a wonderful company called Envision Realty Services in the east Sacramento area, Folsom to be exact.
It was quite a cool story actually (I'll tell the condensed version). About 8 months ago I read an article in a magazine about a CEO who recently started a new company doing green building consulting. Upon reading the article and doing some online research and exploring their website, I realized that this is what I wanted to do some day. Then about 4 months ago, I remember the article, and email the CEO, requesting to find a time to speak with him to learn more about his company, his career path, and even job opportunities. Then about a month ago he got back to me, and I had pretty much forgot about the email, but we chatted, he flew me out for a job interview and made me a job offer. I LOVE the company, the culture, the work I will be doing, and even the other co-workers, not to mention the pay is attractive. I know Heavenly Father has blessed us with this opportunity, and I'm so excited to start in a few weeks. To anyone out there looking for work, take this model and USE it. Networking is the key and put yourself out there!

Ok, so our next adventure (sweet blessing, bundle of joy, little darling...) is that our little baby Story Soleil on September 1st at 9:49. She weighed 7 lbs, 10.2 oz and was 18.5 inches long. I will add more/better pictures in the future when I have time to upload them... but she is so cute! She is already even more adorable, she is doing so good at sleeping, eating, and her cry is so cute. Its like a little bird, hehe :)


Earlier this week, before Story was born, we also bought a car. This is our first really major purchase together (my Scooter we bought together doesn't really count :) We bought a used 2004 Honda Pilot with about 86,000 miles on it for a really good deal. This will hold our new family perfectly, and provide us some relible tranportation which we've really needed. I will be driving it cross country next week in our move, as Emy will fly with the kids (so weird saying that now...) and her parents to AZ, while I'm driving/moving.

This is a funny picture we took at the dealership. We helped them achieve and exceed their sales goal for the month (we bought it on the 30th of August).

Other Photos from the last few weeks