Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving in San Francisco and Projects

Is this guy cute or what?! He could make us some major mula with these good looks! ooooowww!

So i hope you are reading in hopes of getting an "everything" update. Just a quick disclaimer, this blog is being turned into a book and so it is really my idea of a journal so i don't stress about spelling or how iphrase things or if its interesting or not! hehe ok.
Thanksgiving with the Abbots!
We were unable to go home for thanksgiving so our good friends Margo and Tim Abbot were nice enough to have us in there home for thanksgiving. We met them at BYU and they live in Oakland now. Time works for the Oakland Temple and so he was able to get us a place to stay. The house we stayed at is usually for temple workers who have traveled to get there. It was crazy inexpensive and you would not beleive the views. It has about the same view that the temple had and you know that's always high on a hill! We had the most amazing veiw of the temple and city lights at night, and watched from a huge balcony! It was really cool cause the house is owned by the church and you could feel the spirit... when do you feel the spirit in a hotel room! so i had to watch what i said...just kidding i am pretty good! haha
Margo did a beautiful dinner party feel and the food was as pretty as it was good! we spent the next two days exploring San Francisco or as the locals call it, "The City".

View of Oakland from The Temple!

We spent our first day at Fishermans Wharf or Pier 39! It was so fun. This is us in front of Alcatraz

There was an awsome carosel on the Pier and Boston loved it!
The next day was spent at the San Francisco Zeum for children. It was a placed geared towards technology and play! here is Jason and Boston playing with the big blocks. you don't even have to be in the museum to play with these, but you know kids, they don't care how much or little something costs, or if its a toy or not... when its fun.. its fun !

This was so cool! they created a play ground that was completely green so that it was a green screen that had a monitor that the kids could see as they slid down the slide so it looked like they were in the clouds or the ocean!

This is just a branch that boston and Jason found for me in the forest behind our house. we then tied ribbon onto snowflake wood ornaments and put vinyl on the ornaments! i love rustic design that brings the outside in!
Heres boston all bundled up before going out in the rain to search for pine cones and a stick!

And here's what we did with the pine cones! Jasons idea! he is so wonderful and crafty! Oh and i am sure many of you are thinking "where did you get that beautiful frame?" cause i get that alot... well the answer is my friend chrissy @ she is not making them any more, but she has some already made that she will sell! Thanks Chrissy! we love it!

This is an oh so easy Christmas craft. you just string ornaments onto a hanger in the shape of a circle ( p.s hot glue the silver thingy's on first!) I love the unconventional Christmas colors.
Story's room! We still have boxes in there so this is the most your gonna get for now! haha!
This is a bow and ribbon holder my sister in law showed me how to make.My first baby girl craft! It is so fun having a little girl!

And of course, the main event, Boston's big boy(twin) bed! we were so excited to put Boston in a big bed (not to mention that he was so squished in his pack and play). We looked and looked for a bed but didn't find anything we liked for a price we likes. I guess that's the motivating reason for most DIYers, expensive taste and not enough money! haha. So, just to clarify Jason built the whole thing from scratch and i helped to distress paint and stain it! It turned out so good! we love it! way to go babe!
By the way, boston did great the first 5 or so days followed by 3 days of torture ( he got out of bed 10-15 times each nap) but now he is back to staying in bed, although he does read for about an hour before he goes to bed. he clutches that Thomas book so tight. I tried to take it from him when he was sleeping, but he cried and held it even tighter! I sure love my bubba!

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April said...

Ok, you totally made me homesick for The City! I love that place and have been to all those places you went to. Sounds like the transition is going well! And that bed you guys made is amazing!!! Not only could Jason make money with his looks, but you guys could sell furniture. ;)