Monday, December 13, 2010


This year for Halloween we all went as charachters from Toy Story. Boston was Rex the dinasour

Mommy and Daddy were Ken and Barbie!
And Story was Ham!

Heres the wreath we made at girls night
Beware... in high humidity it melts no matter what kind of protectant you put on it!
And of course the traditional, 4th annual dinner in a pumpkin... same recipe, new friends! it was a blast is the spread!

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T.J. and Kathy Christensen said...

Em!!! First of all, you look hottie-boombalottie as Barbie! Ow ow! I just read a bunch of your old posts and it made me so happy! I love all your cute crafts...I aspire to be like you! And, I am megaly impressed with B-man's new bed. Nice work. AND, Story is so big and so cute and I love her and I want to give her kisses!! And, B-man too! What a stud of an older brother. I am glad things are going so great for you guys. We love you and miss you like crazy!!!!