Friday, January 28, 2011

A sunny Christmas, Staycation and Fondue

Christmas this year was so different than any other christmas for me. The anticipation of seeing Boston's face when he saw the presents on christmas morning or when we fed the raindeer or when we did any other christmas tradition was what made it so different. On top of that it was kind of the first christmas that we lived away from any family and where i hadn't been able to see alot of my family in a while. My only sister and of course my best bud Lyndzee lived in England and would be there with her family. It was so fun to see Boston and Jackson play together.

They were there along with my brother bret and his wife Haylie from Utah, and Brock Jaime and their new little one...Crew! Taylor was greatly missed but i am so proud of him for serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Chicago! Way to go T-Bone!
It felt like the memmories i always had of cousins pulling in to share thanksgiving with us, and i kind of felt like an official adult, two kids, real job, and driving 16 hours to see the fam! If you can beleive it i was actually looking forward to the drive becuase although they are not always good ones.... i have so many memmories of roadtrips to utah with my family to see my extended family. Sometimes i just stop and think, " man, have i actually arrived at this place in my life!?" But it was so fun to have every body greet us at the front door when we arrived, on Christmas Eve none the less! I loved it. Oh and it was awsome cause we ended up driving through San Diego and got to see David ( jason's Brother) his wife Mandy ( my sista girl) and their adorable little one Kate!

Christmas was so fun with so many wonderful gifts given and recieved! Jason and i tried to go the homemade route this year, which is what i usually do, but this time we went all out.
For my dad we made him these cute little signs to label his vegetables in his garden. It was so fun making these with Boston( but very messy!)
For Brock and Jaime we made them a bench we found the plans for. Here is the link for the plans to build it. The bench turned out awsome. We stained it with a dark walnut stain, and that was all it needed!

Well the plans for after christmas were to go to Disney Land, but a few days before we were planned to leave we heard that the park was so full they were turning people away at 9 am so we opted to plann a "Staycation" thats right I said staycation! i ended up being fun. Some trips to the railroad park,

dinner for Haylies birthday, a night at the Mesa temple to look at Temple lights, and my favorite... Fondue In on New years Eve followed by "Mintute to Win It".

Summer it was so fun to play with You, Huddy and Abbigail!

(Here is the spread for dessert in chocolate fondue...and Brock haha)

It was so fun and flippin hilarious to watch everyone play the crazy minute games . If you can't tell from the pics, we had so much fun goofin off together.

One of my favorite minute to win it games was when Haylie had to tie panty hose around her waist and thier was a banana hanging in it.Then she had to get the banana swinging until she knocked 2 oranges into a hoolahoop. Haha, don't think about it too hard! And i loved how everyone stayed after to try and become master stackers.. of the red cups that is!

After we did fireworks and i just had to go and wake up Boston to share this moment with us, some call us fun parents..other call us irresponsible, i just call it Jason and EmyLee Parenting.

We try and be good, but we love to goof off with our kids. This sometimes leads to late bedtimes, but we do ok!
To my Family, i love you all so much and we had so much fun with you. I choose you and fondue over mickey any day! i love you, emy

Bret is such a good photographer so he took some awsome pics of us! We are just being goofy here, so serious!
If i havn't already mentioned i am so in love with Story! She is like a little ball of sugar! So sweet and smiley!

I loved how much Lyndzee and Dustin loved Story! I found Dustin reading to hear in a chair in Anthropology while we were shopping! So cute!

And i just couldn't resist this cute pic of my favorite people in the whole world!


Minta said...

what a sweet post, Emy! It was so fun talking to you yesterday... love you guys :)

The Rodgers said...

I'm so behind on your blog and updates on your adorable family! You guys look like you had an amazing summer and holidays with the family! I have to say, Story is beautiful Emmy!! I hope all is well, we sure miss you guys! Love you!

Laura Hendricks said...

hot wife, hot hus, cute kids. what else could you possibly need?

The Walkers said...

Oh my goodness! All I feel is complete and utter JEALOUSY that I didn't get to be there having so much fun with you!!! Thats all. (Oh- and I just want to kiss and squeeze those pudgy little cheeks of Story)