Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Fiery Fourth!

   So yeah it was fiery hot, but literally there were fires everywhere in Utah, i counted 9 just while we were there. It was crazy, smoke hung low in the city like a thick fog. Boston's allergies where really aggrevated so that caused some trouble along with a sickness that took us all down one by one and never two at the same time. Other than that we had a stinkin blast! Jason's family is so easy to be around. I loved visiting Jason's sister kristen and her family. She is such a go getter when it comes to home improvement, mommying, schooling, well anything! We sat under the awning she built on her back porch and it felt like camping, well that was becasue of the fires, but i loved it. Kim was there to play with all the chillins and share her wood working adventures, Jenny and her fam kept it busy and entertaining, and it was so fun chatting with Mandy and watching Kate play with the kids. It was a special treat because Steven was there with his sweet girfriend Desi. She is already so loved by the fam!   i mean she is sweet and laughs at my jokes (really important), and most importantly, loves steven so much! And, i love her amazing fashion skills! Grandma and Grandpa are a favorite of course!

 We spent time at a small amusement park, and the Lindon pool! We also got a chance to do a fourth fo July bbq with our great friends the walkers! we love spending time with them and they always fit us in to play. It was so neat becasue i was able to take pictures for some people taht i really love. SO, here are some pics of the fourth, our reunion and my some fun photo shoots for friends.
 Isn't Chrissy so beautiful while she is pregnant! She had her sweet Cambridge Collete just a week ago and i am so happy for her!

 This is Jenny's beautiful family! I love Jenny's big smile and seeing it in each of her children!
 We had to made a trip to the BYU bookstore while we were in Provo! Its really super weird to go back with kids, i feel so old.
 This picture is so pretty of her but it kind of creeps me out,like a pic we would hang at her funeral, uh i did not just saythat out loud did i. This is not an omen, Story is really healthy and will be alive for a very long time, ok my foot is in my mouth and i can't get it out, aaahhh.
 Cuteness Bostie!

 You can see a little of that sickness we passed around, Story's eye is all swollen, and still she is adorable.

 Story and Crew Walker are just 10 weeks apart! Giving luvs!
And here is the whole Mcintyre clan! 
    I also had such an awsome time hangin with Bret Haylie and Cash! They are so easy to be around and hilarious! Cash is such a cutie! i have some stinkin cute pics of there family but not with me right now so i will have to post them later, and then all of you can see just how cute they are together!