Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Pictures

So we're not the best at posting consitently, but I wanted to put a few pictures up from this summer. We still need to get the pictures together from Boston's birthday, but that will be soon! (We only took a video, so I need to save a couple frames from the video as pictures and I just haven't gotten around to it!)

Boston on the boat with Grandpa Nowell. Boston loved the wind in his hair, and just relaxed with Grandpa!

This is Boston sipping a RedBull at a Diamond Backs game in Arizona! Haha, no don't worry, he didn't drink any!! But he tried!
Here's Boston looking so cute when we went out to eat one night. He is so adorable!
Boston's first haircut! We cut the side short, and left a Mohawk/Fauxhawk, and thats how we usually style it too!
Mommy and Bman at the Duck Pond south of BYU on a walk!
Me and Boston at the Duck Pond

So this picture is older, but I thought it was so cute. This is Boston with his "cuz" Jackson. Boston was like 10 months here

I will make a better effort to take more pictures and post sooner, cuz Boston already looks older than these pictures! He's almost walking, and stands on his own!