Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Boston's 6th birthday

Boston Boston, what can i say to you that you can look back on and read and really know what kind of  little man you were. It is difficult to try and grab all those wonderful happy feelings you give me and put them down into one post …but i have to try. You are tender tender tender. You crave hugs and praise and LOVE when we take a moment to just snuggle. You are an enthusiastic learner of everything! You ask me wants this times this and that plus that. How does this work and when can we build that. And, when mommy is too busy you learned how to print from the computer so you could print off activities , recipes, and science experiments you want to do. It seems like overnight you have hopped on your bike and learned to love racing around with wyatt and Story. Swimming is now one of your favorite things. After years of looking for you at the pool and then finding you in a ball under a warm towel in the sun, now i find you diving for toys and ducking under water to avoid a small squirt gun! One of my favorite things to watch you do is when you surprise yourself and accomplish something you didn't think you could do.  You do this a lot. Hopefull this means that one day you will forgive me for pushing you outside your comfort zone so often. When you get enough sleep and food, you are so silly and light hearted and so imaginative. You told me you want to be a paleontologist. And it is so funny when we say we are going on the tramp and you say, "aaah don't you know i am an artist"! you crack me up. In your church class the girls giggle so hard at your jokes and you are a great listener. You have so many trinkets and rocks and papers i can't throw away. I found these robot pictures you printed and asked how long we were going to keep them and you told me you needed to keep them until you could build it yourself… maybe when you are 10. I hope you never lose your love of learning and perfect confidence in your ability to do anything.
     This year for your birthday we did a laser tag space bday party. Wyatt Fieber, your cousin Katelyn, Story, and Hudson Cooper came. It was seriously so fun hiding out and dodging lasers in the laser tag room. i personally killed it cause story who wasn't wearing a vest and couldn't get shot was my look out. I loved watching everyone hit the piƱata and dance in our glow in the dark room. I love you buddy!