Monday, December 13, 2010

Bostons all grown up!

Lately Boston has wanted to be just like daddy and has said, "by mom i am going to worky" he then gives me a hug and a kiss, puts on his back pack, rain boots and his hoodie, and he's off to the back porch to wash all his cars in the tupperwares full of rain water. I laughed the other day as i thought of the contents in his suitcase (backpack). Contents as follows:
crayons and markers
binoculars made out of toilet paper rolls (made by daddy)
mommys old bedazzled cell phone
and flame sunglasses
and let me tell you. He uses every item in that backpack! It is essential that he does not leave the house without it!

And this is just his cute little sister! what a doll! p.s she is soo so so smiley it makes my day so much brighter!


Nate and Rachael's Family said...

Emily - I found you on minta's blog - your kids are so cute! I'm so glad you are doing well! Merry Christmas!

Tyson and Heather said...

I love the updates, I LOVE story, can't wait to see more pics from Christmas, love you guys! love, heath