Monday, October 25, 2010 are enough

So I know there is alot to catch up on, but this post is simply to say, moms, you are enough. I have had several conversations lately with dear friends, mommy friends, and i have come to the conclusion that although we feel the need to be constantly busy, look for validation in other aspects of our lives, and become the best at everything we do...we are already enough.
Have you ever been driving down the road and the perfect song comes on. It's not really the words that communicate as much as the music. And in that exact moment the realization of all your blessings comes rushing over you and warms you like the sun on a cold day. I have. It was the other night and i was out getting groceries after a long day of time outs, laughter, tears, diaper changes, quiet sweet moments, and of course the frusterating ones. It seemed to me that in the same moment i was able to reckognize all my blessings, Heavenly Father was again blessing me by allowing me to feel his love. I have felt that alot lately.
Which brings me to my other point. Being a mother is definatley the hardest thing i have ever done...but i am absolutly positive that without its incredible hardships, the ups would not be so heavenly. Sometimes i have those moments where it seems the world is standing still and i look at my perfect little boy singing while he plays with his cars and then my sweet baby girl in the swing. Then I see my husband run over and roll around with boston and i feel this sense of "i am right where i am supposed to be, and i am enough". I think your kids tell this to you every day, not through their words, but every time they forgive you for forgetting to change their diaper, or when they hug you when you come to get them from time out, or how they still want to play with you when you have been too busy for them all morning. It is my little ones that have allowed me to see everything for the second time, innocent, and full of wonderment and excitement. It is my children that have encouraged me to view cleaner programs and to work on my relationship with the savior. I am so greatful to be simply a mom, and i know being a mom is enough. I hope this helped remind some of you how special you are and wonderful. Of course it is many of you that have reminded me of this through your frienship and examples.


Chelsea said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Minta said...

wow, thanks Emy. That brought tears to my eyes :) I'm happy you know you're enough. Love to you and the family.

The Walkers said...

Thanks Emy! I loved our chat the other day and reading this helped me remember it all over again. I LOVE being a mommy! P.S. Story is SO STINKIN adorable!