Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing with the Chillins! lovin it!

i am really excited to say that i think i am starting to get a handle on the whole what to do with your kids during the day thing. Partly because Boston is older and plays with me more, and partly because i am no longer a student and i can dive into mommyhood. So this week Boston and i made peanut butter cookie dough, dyed it green and then played with it like playdoe. This was all inspired by a star cookie cutter that i bought for boston. I wanted to make edible play doe but we were missing an ingredient for every recipe i found so i improvised and made the cookie doe. I think it works just as well, but i have a feeling that those recipes were alot healthier than the cookie dough. And, i must warn you, it is delicious and your kids (and you) will eat alot of it. Yummy! so here is boston playing with the dough and any other gadgets i could find.
We have also had fun filling large tupper wares up with water getting the foaming soap out, and washing all of his cars ...and stuffed animals...and electronics (yikes, not on purpose! hehe)
We go to parks alot here too. There are tons and tons of parks in Folsom i love it! And alot of people with families it is so fun.

Here is Story in her swing lookin so cute and i have to say thank you to Chrissy Walker for giving me such good tips to help me take better pics on my camera. I think they are starting to look better!

Boston is so fun to have around. I turned around the other day and he had these glasses on. The best part is, he know its funny now too and starts to laugh also! he is so silly. I love him.


Ellis Family said...

I'm excited, and also nervous to start the stay-at-home mom thing. I love chilin with Amy. I love my boys too, but they're a lot harder, and make it harder to do cool stuff with Amy. But I'll do my best. I have all kinds of fun ideas in mind. And maybe now I'll have more time for blogging!

Lindsey said...

You're pictures look great! That bird one did turn out really cool and you've got one cute video there. :)

M and M Hiller's said...

Your family is beautiful!