Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lennon week 5!

Im loving life as a mommy of 3! What i thought would be stressful and busy has become purposeful and fun and sometimes stressful and busy but mostly amazing. Of course i am adjusting to boston and story's school shedule which sometimes makes it hard to connect with other moms, but i like being busy. With just one child i found myself watching the clock waiting for Jason to get home. I never could figure out how to fill up my day with just a toddler. But, with three its busy and i have fun converstations with boston, baby time with Lennon and lots of special mommy daughter time with story. I really do love it!
 So here is week 5 pic, in hind sight i probably should have ironed the material, but isn't there a quote about how a good mom has wrinkly clothes, dirty floors and happy kids, so yeah haha its a sign of my good parenting!

I love his wrinkley arm!  

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Welcome to Our Story said...

He's SO cute! And such good pictures. I love your barnwood floor/backdrop. Very cool. Keep posting, I love to read!