Monday, June 8, 2009

Bret's Wedding

Bret and Haylie got married on May 8th, and it was a great time. If any of you were there, or saw pictures of our Wedding back in 2006, Emy and I had a pretty cool idea of wearing black and white Converse, Chuck Taylors at our wedding. Well, not to say Breat and Haylie stole this idea... but they borrowed it, adding their own touch of course, Red! So Boston got his a week or two before, and we had to try them out! He's so cute!

We also found a baby tux for B-man. We had to buy it instead of rent, but it was actually cheaper! So if anyone plans on getting married, and wants Boston (or any future kid...) in a tux, make sure they will fit in the 12-18 month size!

A couple more wedding pictures!

And Finally, Cute Pictures of Emy (yes, this is Jason blogging, I often post more than Emy does!)

Congratulations Bret and Haylie!

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The Whitings in Philly said...

awww, cute pictures!! how fun to have a wedding to get all dressed up for and get a tux for Boston. thanks Jason for posting!! I love to see you guys. so, any chance you'll come out to VA? we'll try to make it to UT sometime but it's all up in the air with Dan's job and all. we'll see. love ya!