Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunny Days

Lately It has been so cold here. Like really cold for California, but about two weeks ago we had this crazy warm front, and i have to say there is nothing better than a sunny day! Sun makes me happy, it motivates me to get things done, and when its sunny my clothes get cuter! haha.
When its sunny we do a lot of park days and playing outside, and when you have a two year old, playing outside is a must in order to survive.
Sunny days in my family room look like this

We did an amateaur photoshoot on this sunny Sunday

And this sunny weekend we spent at our favorite park with the big tires!


kevin. Leanne. Beckum. said...

LOVE the pictures :) you look so good Emy! your kids are too cute...seriously!!!! miss you tons!!

Laura Hendricks said...

too much. the whole family is just adorable. glad to see you guys are doing well. miss you