Saturday, February 19, 2011

All about Story!

If you havn't met Story yet, than you are missing out on a peice of sunshine! She is so smiley and sweet. I feel like she came to me straight from heaven just to remind me that i am loved cause when i am with her... I feel loved. Story was 5 months on the first of Febuary and is doing some awsome stuff. She loves loves, loves her brother Boston and can't even focus enough to finish her bottle when he is around.
Story just started sitting up, assisted, but its exciting.

She loves to jump in her jumper, literally for hours! I always think of Peter pan when i see her little feet going. And these chunker thighs, could you just die. I know they may not be the chunkiest of chunkers, but boston was so petite, so to me they are chunky and i love to squeeze em'!

Story loves bath time and has the cutest princess towel to dry off in.

She spent most of month 3-5 blowing bubles through her lips, but now she talks alot and just today started growling. I imagine she learned that from her brother.

Story has also started sitting in the high chair which is emotional for me because the last time we used it Boston was a baby, i just can't beleive how quickly life passes. It is so cute, Boston loves to color and play all around her, and she is thourouly entertained.

Story has also started baby food. well, tried it would be a better way of putting it. She still has that really strong tongue reflex so she doesn't actually eat much. But the faces she makes are the best!
She is such a wonderful and sweet little person, and i love being with her. I am so excited for all the girl stuff we will get to do together, and if she wants to be rough and tough, i'll do that stuff with her too! hey, I can be tough! haha. Story you love your daddy and our crazy life! I love you little mama!


Allison said...

Oh she is SO sweet! She does look exactly like Boston- I love it. I can't believe how big your kids are!

minta said...

she's so beautiful, Em! I'm so happy you have her :)

Lindsey said...

You capture such great pictures of your kids, I love it! (Also, that princess towel looks oddly familiar, hmmm...maybe like a pic that was sent to my phone? :-p)

Lyndzee Durham said...

I loooove Story! Can you please pack her up and send her my way? We miss her so much. I can't believe how big she is and she will probably be walking next time I see her. I love you all. And Boss Man, we love you too!

The Walkers said...

So stinkin cute!! I just wanna eat her! And I love the changes you made to your blog...super cute :) Love ya lots!