Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Woah! Something is in the water this morning! i started cleaning this morning and then i just couldn't stop. I just kept seeing my mom in my head, and remembering how she really deep cleans everything, and since i woke up, deep cleaning it was! So now i am blogging, during nap time, something must really be in the water!haha.
But, today is Valentines day! There is just something i love about Holidays, even the smaller ones like valentines or St.Patricks day. It gives the reason a day to be special and not like the others. I always wonder why i cant make other days feel this way, but even if other days are special or significant, they just aren't holidays! I get so stinkin excited to celebrate valentines day, or any holiday for that matter. I am super nostalgic, so its really important for me to make and carry on traditions.
This morning has been such a blast and its not even over yet. It all started last night when Jason and i finished our upholstered headboard (our gift to each other). It turned out great, and now we get to sell our old one.

Next, we Heart attacked Boston's room with a line of hearts leading to a lion valentine and lots of chocolate.

I woke up to story this morning which is unusual, first because usually i don't wake up, Jason does; and second, Boston is usually up first. i was not surprised though when i turned the corner to find a little face full of chocolate smiling at me. Bubba did not take long to find, open and eat all 6 chocolates! oi vey (and every other equivalent!) . But We loved doing this for him because that's what i did for Jason when we were first married!
Then Boston and i went to the kitchen to make pink, heart shaped pancakes! We even made them with cottage cheese and took care of our actual hearts too! Yay us!
Jason slept in and we sprinkled candy all over the bed and made him hot chocolate in his new chalkboard mug!
Even though Jason went to work, the fun still went on. Boston's friends Addy and Landon came over, and even story had a little V-Day date with her buddy Liam!

I have to say though my favorite part so far today has to be the dance party Boston and i had in the kitchen to the song "Hey Soul Sister". He knows all the words, it was so cute and he kept trying to shake his bum, which apparently is really hard, and i remember it being a real feat when i could shake my bum and shimmy!
We finished off the day when i arrived home from the gym to a big beautiful bouquet of flowers, a tub of Ben and Jerry's creme brulee ice cream, and a hand made card from my sweetie! It was such a heartfelt wonderful gesture.

But, like some of my friends and i discussed, we try to take it easy on our husbands on Valentines day, because of course they are so amazing the rest of the year. I am so grateful to have so many people around me and even very far away that i love so much. Truly grateful and truly blessed!


minta said...

how fun! I love holidays too! That's soo sweet what Jason did, thank goodness for sweet and thoughtful husbands :) and btw, I LOVE YOU friend of 8 years! :)

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, Liam wouldn't quit talking about the awesome date he had with Story. They're totally in love.

Ellis Family said...

We made pink heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day too. We also put a little dye in the milk to have pink milk, heart shaped scrambled eggs, and pink bacon. Mmmm. (Not healthy for our hearts though!) It was breakfast for dinner. Jessi thought it was so fun. :)