Sunday, March 13, 2011

keepin it fresh

Man do i love my man! A couple weeks ago a friend relayed some suggestions given to her in a ward activity geared toward keeping our marriages strong. One of them was to hide an object somewhere in the house and take turns finding it. i told Jason about this and how our good friends have been leaving notes. We both agreed it was a good idea and then went on with our day. Of course jason is amazing and is listening even when i am not so sure because later that day i found a note in the formula. Then the next day a note telling me what a good mommy i am in the oatmeal. It has been so cute he has even been using it to play little jokes on me. For example, the other night i went to finally put the laundry away that jason had folded that morning, and i found a note. I kind of felt bad because i thought, "oh no he probably thought i was going to put the laundry away since he folded it and left me a note and it took me till 10 at night...but later he told me he snuck it in there to mess with me and make me think he expected me to put away the laundry! haha. He also put one in the blender and i almost blended it up!
I had to play catch up because he was leaving so many cute notes for me so i put one in the instant oatmeal box and the next morning i said, "you should make Boston oatmeal this morning". That evening i asked him what he fed Boston for breakfast and he said, "oatmeal" i was confused because he hadn't mentioned the note. he grabbed down the box and said look in there, i was like" no way you look, "and this went back and forth for a while till a note fell out that said, "gotcha! i found your note, and u thought i didn't. I love you babe, have a good day!" man he is making it hard for me to be as sweet as him! he is so awsome. i am always impressed with how loving and thoughtful he is. Actually as i write this he is doing the dishes! Sweet huh?! What a real man!


Chelsea said...

way to go Jason!

Laura Hendricks said...

i love that new header.

jason that little rascal! that's a cute idea. john always hides weird little stuffed animals in places like in my shoes and in the shower.