Friday, March 25, 2011

Emy, We Love You, and Happy Birthday

I wanted to take an opportunity to let Emy know, and anyone else that reads our blog how amazing Emy is! We celebrated her birthday last weekend and I was reminded how lucky I am to have her in my life, to be her husband, and for our kids to have her as a mom! She gives so much and is truly a wonderful example to me and all those around her!! A few weeks ago I had to travel to Washington DC for work, and when I came home, Emy and the kids had this made and hung for me. Its huge! (3'x5')
Thanks guys, you did a great job!

So I planned a fun birthday surprise for her, and the kids! We went to San Francisco last weekend and stayed with our wonderful friends, Tim and Margo Friday night. We had a big fun slumber party and then a fun day planned in the city the next day. In the morning, we went to the exploratorium and had so much fun with all the different science exhibits. They were so hands on and exciting that Boston loved it too! It was funny, after 30 + min of being there, we looked back towards the entrance and we had only gone in like 50 feet! We stayed and played there until we got hungry and Boston go restless...(that's the alarm letting us know we pushed it to the max :)
This exhibit was an unused toilet, with a water fountain, and it was funny how reluctant you are to using it, simply because of its shape!

So then, we went to a restaurant that had been recommended to us by some friends, The Stinking Rose, where everything in the menu has Garlic as a main ingredient (hence the name...). Then our friends had offered to watch the kids for the afternoon so Emy and I got to hit the town.

Emy is such a designer at heart, and she has such great design ideas, so I thought since we were in S.F. and it being the design focused city that it is, I planned out the afternoon to go to the San Francisco Design District. It was so much fun to go to various furniture places, custom upholstery shops, antique stores, etc! For the most part, these stores are geared towards designers shopping at them, picking items for clients, as opposed to window shoppers like us, but we had so much fun. We'd love to go back during a weekday when even more places are open. The highlights included:

This Chair- totally inappropriate, right?!
The other night, we saw a movie preview on TV for "How Do You Know" and they have this exact chair in one of the scenes! We thought it was hilarious!

A super European modern store (glorified ikea) where I was sitting in a $10,000 chair, and Emy looked at the price tag of the ottoman, and said, "$3,000... you better not put your feet on that!"

The custom upholstery shop where I showed the owner a picture on my phone of our upholstered headboard that we made, and he jokingly offered me a job.

Here's the headboard we made right before Valentines! We still need to post about this and show pictures, but it looks great, right? Do you like our new Tuxedo ruffle bedding?!

And a fun Restoration Hardware showroom that was tons of fun to look through.
Outdoor display, look at the chandelier hanging on the rope!

To end the night, Emy and I went to Nopalito and had a really fun dinner together. It was so nice to have some good conversations not interrupted by kids crying, misbehaving, getting restless, etc. I love you Emy and Happy Birthday! Thanks again Tim and Margo for having us and watching the kids!

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minta said...

Jason, thank you for treating one of the most important gifs in my life with such sweetness and love and respect! I love you for that!