Monday, July 11, 2011

Family, Fourth, Fun

The Fourth has always been so special to me i guess because i always had some special memmory with Boston and Jason. Boston's first fourth he was 2 weeks old and we were in Durango CO with my family and Boston slept through all the fireworks. The second year boston had just turned 1 and we spent it walking around the provo fair in matching shirts and finished off the night at stadium of fire. I just remember how amazing it was watching boston sit quitly in the baby bjorn, mezmorized by the fireworks. He just looked to big and i could feel Heavenly Fathers love for me getting to be with this perfect spirit. And, last year boston had just turned two. We were at Jason's parents house with Jenny's family, Kim and Liz and of course grandma and grandpa and we sat on the grass and set off fireworks. This time he loved watching them but felt they were too loud so he sat in my lap the whole time. I loved the snuggle time. This years Fourth was so fun, and different from other family, but alot of friends near by and another special time with my little family!

We started it off at Sac State aquatic center on Saturday with some good friends from our ward. Boston and Addy had a blast as you'll see in the pictures. even though it was a rock and pebble rather than sandy beach they built mud castles and played in the water all day. Story was so content in the stroller for most the time and then hung out on the blanket for the rest of the time. This is typical Story, she is so happy and relaxed except for at this moment when i am trying to document these sweet memmories...come on Story! Jason and i have such wonderful friends so we were able to kayak while they kept an eye on the kiddos for us! I wish i had a picture of Jason doing a back flip off the rope swing but its probably good that i didn't have my camera out there because I capsized in my kayak. Yes that's right, in my competitive nature i was trying to beat jason in a kayak race and lost my balance. I actually think that exact thing happened last time we were kayaking together, haha!

That evening we went to the rodeo! yehaaa! it was awsome, except for the heat and the sun in our eyes and that we got seperated for 1 hour of it! but really i let my hair down and cheered for those bull restlers! so Boston was not happy and we ended up leaving before the fireworks, which is sort of normal unexpected, expected chaous when you have kids. So we took boston to the outlets to do a quarter ride and headed home to pick up story.
Monday we went back for some more kayaking with Amanda Tom and Liam Gibson. It was a blast. We then headed over to the clements for a fourth of july Bar B-Q with the Havicans, and finished off the night watching fireworks in the Coventry neighborhood with the Havicans.

I so appreciated all the wonderful friends that invited us out this year. It really helped to make it fun, although i must say i did really miss family. During fireworks i thought about how my family would always sing the Star Spangled Banner and my Dad would belt it off key! i totally missed that, but it was neat to spend it with my growing Family and make my first special occasion bow for Story. I made her fourth of july bow and man... i just love that little girl she is just so adorable and angelic looking and so funny and sweet! She even snuggled Boston during fireworks.

I can't wait for all the fourth of July's to come!


Shaila said...

Such cute pictures! And I love the new blog layout. Can't wait to see your little family in a couple weeks!

Lindsey said...

Love, love, love the picture of Addy and Boston by the kayak. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us! PS. I had to zoom in on the family shot of you guys on the blanket cuz at first glance, it looked like Story had an INCREDIBLY wide/large smile...until I saw that it was the binky. lol

Whimsy Place said...

STORY is SOOO stinking cute. I just want to eat her up! Oh, can't wait to see that baby in person. And tell Bosty I love him :)