Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boston's 3rd birthday!

Boston's birthday was so fun and so often! haha! We started off with an awsome party with my family and my dad's extended family in Tahoe. We held this one at a bowling alley. I thought Boston would love to bowl for the first time. Well he liked bowling, but he loved the video games, that werent even on i might add. It was so neat to see all these people we hardly know come together and be so excited for this special day. They were all so loving and it really strengthened my testimony that family is eternal, even the very extended. We attempted to do a dinasour party here, so we have plastic dinasours on the cake. My parents were so generous and took boston on a birthday shopping spree at k mart , and basically bought out the car section of the store.

Boston's uncle Taylor just came home from his mission and we were so happy to have him there!

Its funny, I feel like all the pictures of her, she is sitting in the stroller, but she is pretty happy there!

 Me with my grandma Janet, aka G-mama J!

For 3rd birthday part 2, on his actuall birthday we went to the water park and got frozen yogurt!

And, for part 3 we threw the most fun dinasour party at promontory park, and so many wonderful friends came out to celebrate. It was so awsome to have all the families together playing and there was this big hill there were families were chasing eachother and rolling around in the grass. It was so fun! Jason helped out so much. He worked on the party bags and the banner, while i focused on the cake. Ok so i sort of decided that cake decorating is not my forte, and i am ok with that. At first i was stressed about it not turning out the way i wanted, but it tasted great and was massive, and i am not perfect. Oh, you didn't know! haha. 

So yeah we had a blast, and for Boston's birthday this year he gave us a gift...the gift of the urge to go.. haha potty trained Boston is so awsome! We are so proud of him and he has just matured so much in the past month. He is so sweet to story, and his vocabulary is getting so much larger. He also repeats me all the time which isn't always the best, especially when something surprised me and i say, "What the!" (don't worry i really don't finish it). BUt, now he says it all the time, and i only encourage it cause i can't stop laughing. Well, Happy Birthday Boston Bear!

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