Monday, July 4, 2011

All about Boston

Boston is such a tender hearted sweet boy! lately i have found that harsh tones really affect him and we have really taken a different approach to teaching good behavior. He is so wonderfully smart. when he pronounces a word incorrectly i will correct him and he will keep saying it until he gets it right.

He loves to sit on the kitchen counter when we are cooking. here is a picture of him with the dirt we used to plant our sunflowers. he poured all of our spices into the bowl and mixed it up. (don't worry they were the ones that come with the spice rack, the ones you never use, haha).

he love, love, loves his sister story. i coud've said that 3 months ago, but it wouldn't have meant what it does now. He plays with her, helps her up when she face plants, wants her to take baths with him, and asks where she is when she is sleeping. He even goes in when she wakes up from a nap and will climb up on boxes to see her and entertain her until i can come in and get her. She equally loves her brother!

Boston loves to color. Every morning, the first thing he does when he gets up is say, "mommy come , its time to color". he is so imaginative, making up songs about whatever he sees in the room he is currently in. The other day it was nemo and cartweels. he makes me laugh every day and i love how we are starting to chat. I love how i always say, "are you sure", so now when he doesn't want to do something he says, "im not sure" its so cute. Oh man, this is a good one...the other night boston had been in his bed for about an hour, sleeping, or so we thought. Until, i coughed and from his room he said, "are you okay mommy". He is so sweet and caring that way. Its always been boston to be very good at salutations. since he was little he would mimmick us and say, "see ya, have a good day, have fun at workey", and he is equally polite. Lots of "oh thank you mom" and his pleases are pretty good but we are still working on that one.

When it comes to church boston is the closest thing to heaven in our house, well, him, and story and jason, and don't forget fanny, haha, but really he is always wanting to sing, child of god or i love to see the temple. His prayers are very long filled with all the things he sees, no really everything, the light, the table, and when the animal screensaver comes on the tv its all the inhabitants of the jungle one at a time. But, he also always thanks Heavenly father for rascal, for mommy and daddy, for story, for his cousin jacky and for kachow ( lightning mcqueen from the movie cars). Oh and he always remember grandma and grandpa and jesus christ ( he always say the full name its so sweet).

We love you Boston and are so grateful to have you in our family!

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