Friday, June 4, 2010

creepy kids!

So there is this awsome park near by which i am so greatful for. Boston and i spend every morning there either in the park or at the splash zone. The other day these kids were worried that boston would take their trucks. I assurred them he wouldn't. Then they started to giggle and ask him if he still wore diapers. So juvenile i know hahaha. But finally i saw they had turned a corner and asked if they could give him a present. I was so happy he had found some friends. They then looked at me and one of them put his fingers together like Dr. Evil and said, "we will tie him up, that will be our present"! So creepy right! haha me and boston split like bananas on ice creame! yes i love banana splits! just another random moment of our lives in DC. Here is boston so sweet with no idea who hes dealing with!

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