Friday, June 4, 2010

A new start in DC

Boston waiting for his grilled cheese at the fancy Olive and IVy restaurant with gma
(Jator sending love back home to Boston from hollywood studios)
So after our trip to Florida i went to AZ to pick up bubba and jator went to UT to finish cleaning the apartment and put all of our stuff in storage. Jason is such an amazing man by the way! i just have to put a quick plug in here and tell him how much i love him. SInce i have been pregnant he has gotten up with boston every weekend, made midnight ice cream and tums runs and everything else for me in between. I love you baby!
Ok so when i got to AZ i was so elated to see Boston. I missed him like crazy on our trip. He was so good for Nana and papa nowell. here are some cute videos and pics of him in AZ.

Well the flight was long and thank goodness for supportive parents who bought boston a ticket for half way to DC because i don't think i couldve done it any other way. The second leg was only an hour and with a pregnant belly there was no lap space and i was in between two teenage boys which made it even worse when i threw up in the barf bag 5 minutes before landing. But we made it. We spent the first two weeks in Bridgewater with jasons family. It was so fun to go and visit Jason's sister Jenny about 45 min away in staunton. Here is him with his cousins at the duck pond.

Boston has loved playing with his cousins . Here is all of them on a sunday playing in grandma and grandpa McItnyre's yard

It was hard though becuase Jason was in DC four days a week. We missed him so we sent him some love. here is boston saying goodnight to Daddy.
While Jason was in DC boston gained a new afinity for hanging on everything! here he is in all his buffness and a couple more just too stare at his cuteness! we miss all our family and friends in utah and AZ other parts of the US we are thinking of you!

This last one is of our favorite park in D.C. Its only 3 blocks away and we go everyday! They opened up a splash zone and boston loves the water.


The Irons said...

emy! congrats girly!! i didn't know you were prego. :) what are you guys having? cute pics. miss you woman!! love ya.
love, leannie

Chelsea said...

Wow, you guys have been busy traveling! So fun, and congrats on the baby - you'll have to update us all on the gender!

The Walkers said...

Yay for the post!! I love seeing what you've been up to. We miss you guys! Keep the posts coming :)

Havalah said...

congrats on the baby. You guys live in D.C. now?? we might be going there in August and would love to see you.