Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boston's Birthday, Brought to you by the letter "B" and the number "2"

We had Boston's 2nd birthday party about a week ago (yay, a current post, this is a record for us!) down at my parents house. As you well quickly realize from the pictures, it was Elmo themed. Emy did such a great job putting together cute invitations (I have to take a picture of one and add it) and sent them to each of the kids and a few family members and friends. While the party's guest only consisted of my sister's family (Jenny), Jon and Laura, and my immediate family (mom, dad, Kim, and Liz), we had a great time. Thanks for coming!

The kids each had gift buckets (good idea huh, perfect for the summer and the beach or sand buckets. Thanks Emy) that had fun things in them, including theElmo visors they got to make.

We were so happy that the cake turned out well. Last year's train cake wasn't so great, but this year we totally redeemed ourselves! I will take the credit on this one, I did all the decorating and tiny icing stars (Well, Emy did the eyes, only because I had to go help with something else). I guess I should give some credit to the cake mold we bought, that made a huge difference from trying to do it from scratch.

Boston got some great gifts, no thanks to us! We blew our budget on the party and whatnot, but we did buy him an Elmo app for Emy's Iphone. He loves that, and its well worth the money on the drive to/from D.C. Grandma and Grandpa Nowell and McIntyre got him some fun things, including a tent with a tunnel and balls, and some leap frog reading books. Yay!

We finished up the party going over to Jenny's house for some pool time. They just moved to Bridgewater about a mile from my parents, and are buying a house (from my parents, long story), and they have a pool. We're jealous that we don't live that close, have a pool, a house... hehe, j/k... But we had a blast! Feel free to send Boston late B'day gifts if you want!


Lyndzee Durham said...

Oh man, I love that little guy! And Em, you are the mother of the year. What a cute party you too Jason :) Love you all. Kisses and squeezes!

T.J. and Kathy Christensen said...

Okay, I am MEGA impressed with the Elmo cake! You're amazing! And, holy smokes, B-Man is just getting way too cute. You better watch out. All the girls will be chasing him around soon... to give him kisses as presents... not tying him up as a present (that is so super creepy!) Hope all is going well for you in D.C. I miss your guts over here. Especially now that I actually have more time to be a cool friend and hang out! Oh, and p.s. you look super baby mama HOT in the Disney World photo in front of the castle. When are you due again? Soon?? Okay, I am done with the long comment. Love you!!!!!! OH! Not done. I forgot. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE the name - Story Soleil!!!! We might not be able to restrain ourselves. We just might have to steal it. Okay, we'll try not to. ...only because we love you.