Thursday, October 23, 2008

bostons first hike up the "Y"

It was so fun, Jason called me and said " lets work out together tonight!" which i was so excited about untill i realized that we couldn't with the baby, then he told me that we could hike the Y. Every year during homecoming week there is a "hike the Y" event. so us, along with hundreds of other students hiked the y for the lighting ceremony. However, regret to inform you that we did not make it to the top. it got a little too cold and the person holding the baby couldn't see his feet in the dark! We sure loved the doughnuts and hot chocolate at the bottom though! doesnt' Boston look so cute all bundled up with his doggy beenie!

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Deborah&Jaran said...

He's precious and I cant wait until Boston gets to meet his Auntie Deborah and Uncle Jaran!!!