Sunday, September 18, 2011

Story's 1st b day!

Story turned 1! We had so much fun. We went to AZ to see my parents and were surprised to find our favorite people the Walkers. It was actually a surprise trip planned by my amazing husband but i will post about the details of the awsome trip in another post. It was so fun to plan Story's party. I went with a  vintage Dick and Jane theme, with letters representing each food item and vintage flash cards spread throughout. Story's name was plastered everywhere and i loved it. Also i have to say that everyone helped out a ton and i couldn't have done it alone. 

 Ohhh those eyes!
 A is for apples
 P is for Pencil Pops!

 Everyone brought such sweet books that they signed so story could always remember this special day!

 My good bud Lex came! I loved having so much family and friends to celebrate with us!

 The cake was so beautiful, and i was able to turn the flower into a headband for story's smash the cake shoot!

Of course i love seeing my mom with my kids, really there are very few things that make me happier than grandma and grandpa playing with these little people that I love so much!
Happy Birthday my voisterous, silly, thoughtful, and sunshine of my day baby!

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minta said...

she's so beautiful Emy!