Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boston is Potty Trained!

      So had i posted this on time i wouldn't have been able to say potty trained, it would have been more like potty training, but life is busy, so.... Boston is Potty Trained! He is so awsome and such a smart and good boy. We tried 2 other times, but his tummy hurt the first time so he became deathly aftraid of the big potty. After we firgured out it was just the big toilet that he didn't like we diecided to get a little training potty and it worked like a charm. I don't think i can take any of the credit. Jason did all of it. We decided to go with a cars "kachow" theme. Jason went to the store and got a Kachow potty and  20, dollar toys and even a kachow cup. The next morning We started out with a kachow party. There were red balloons everywhere and we started by giving Rascal (Boston's bear) some red kachow juice and we kept taking rascal potty. Eventually boston wanted to sit on the potty every 5 min! He ate lots of Mand M's  got lots of new toys, and totally deserved it!He is doing so well now and we r so proud of him. I am also so greatful for a husband that is so involved with the kids and takes such a large role in their lives. I love you babe!

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minta said...

i love jason too because he's so good to my giflin :)