Saturday, September 21, 2013

Story's Third Birthday

This year for Story's third birthday she wanted a rainbow Hello Kitty party. It was really the perfect theme. Super basic and easy to match everything to the theme. It was so fun, just a few friends came, Liam, Ava, Scarlett and Peyton and their mommies. It was so fun to have a short night time party. The girls started by running around like crazy people then moved on to coloring. Next we played a little game of pin the bow on the Hello Kitty and then made noodle necklaces that Jason died himself! He is so awsome and supportive of my crafty ideas! The kids are such buddies and it was so easy low key and special. I was able to trade my photography with a local cake maker, Beth Wahlburger. She made this amazing Cake. I think my jaw dropped the first time i saw it and it took me a week to throw away the hello kitty on top! We had strawberry milk with paper straws for the littles and izzy sodas for the adults. I also stuck the crayons in a reclaimed wood box jason had made for a previous party.

 Emma Beamish was such a sweetie and came to help us! it was awsome to have an extra pair of hands so that i could play and capture the memmories

 I loved displaying all these cute pics of story in the number 3 shape. I kind of forgot what a cute little chunker she was! i love it!
 Party favors
My friend maylin let me borrow this cute garland she made out of paint swatches.

Dance party!
 Blowing out the candles
 It was so neat to have Jason's family at the party. Kim Liz Steven Joe and Becky were there and it was way more fun to decorate knowing they were coming! Boston even got to have one of his fav cousins Nathan come! They were insepereable the whole trip.

I specifically made sure there was a mask with out a flower bow or tiara on it for the little Liam.
And Maylin did these sweet Hello Kitty nails for Story! Girl, you are so loved!

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The Walkers said...

SO adorable Emy! You're right, that cake is amazing. And I cannot get over how big Story is now! My heavens, she is just a little girl now. Love her and you!