Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

We spent this Fourth camping, tubing the frio river and hanging with friends on our lawn. Camping was interesting. The kids have found the ipad to be their very best friend so we had to take it away after we realized they struggled to have fun while camping. We spent a hot fun day tubing the Frio river with friends and then came back to our wonderful street. The feibers came over and sat on our lawn and my heart was so full! I love our street! Also you must know that fireworks in Texas are crazy! No rules, and large large fireworks at close range.  You can always expect there to be a point where we have to dive over the kids and move up to the porch to protect the children. And....It happened!

YMCA Lennon 2 year old photo shoot

Lennons pow wow celebration!

So many things i could say about this incredible personality in our family. Lennon cracks me up every day. He only lets me sing child of God to him in bed, and sometimes sings along in a monster voice. He has become totally obsessed with ya ya's (ninja turtles), and loves to play superhero dress up with brother and sister. His favorite foods are popcorn and pizza. Loves his daddy like crazy, and can't get enough of botie and stoee. He always wants to sit in the back like a big kid and come to think of it, this little one has always wanted to be one of the big kids. He is such a waterbug always jumps right in with his floaty) and loves to float on his back. He even fell asleep while floating the river. Boston and Lennon spent all day after his party sitting in the little ducky filled pool squirting each other with water guns. Lennon can't hear music without dancing and has the biggest heart. The second he thinks he has hurt me he quickly says, "sorry mommy". He gives so many hugs and kisses and hugs me the whole time we grocery shop. I love him more than words and couldn't imagine who i would be without him! Happy Birthday buddy!

 We celebrated Lennon's birthday with lots of great friends. (from the left) Paxton, Riley, Jax, Weston, Hudson, Story, Boston, and Luke. 
 Story and Hudson picnicking in the TP!
 Arrow feather scewers
 Daddy propelled slip n slide!
 Is this a model? Sooo putting off the vibe! rockin a Homemade vinyl shirt.
 T.P P.B and J's

 Fun stats of my sweet sweet little man!Even though i forgot to put the big ones in!
 This beautiful cake made by one of my texie besties, Shanna Cooper! So gorgeous, ps i have a succelent obsession!
 All my current fetishes/decor seemed to lend itself to a indian pow wow party. Plus i have this need to find a way to keep lennon shirtless. Cutest Indian ever right! The table cloth has some material from his baby bedding which is sentimental. Did the pic of Lennon on an engineering print at staples, then sweet daddy put it on a peice of wood.
 I wish i had a better pic of these, but Jason made these adorable material wrapped dream catchers for all the little guests.